A slight rise in the dollar exchange rate

Rose US currency exchange rate, the dollar, after a period of decline and reached it to the lowest price versus the Japanese yen, the rise came after comments by a member of the monetary committee in the Federal Reserve ( the US central bank) about the likelihood of a rate hike.

The dollar rose to 100.5 yen, after it had fallen below the level of percent yen to the dollar after the market expectations that the US will not raise interest rates before the end of the year.

These have been stressful on expectations interest rates on the dollar exchange rate, the extent of the rise in the exchange rate despite the weakness of the other major currencies Kganah sterling.

The dollar remained almost as against the single European currency, the euro, that are not too affected by the price of the dollar and reached to 1.12 euros from 1.13 euros to the dollar on Tuesday night / Wednesday.

Despite the slight rise in the dollar against the yen, the dollar general price index remained largely unchanged at 94.82 , recovering slightly from an
average on Tuesday at 94.42 points.