Sirwan Barzani: Iraqi forces without the Peshmerga and Shiite factions will not regain Mosul

Sirwan Barzani, Major General in the Peshmerga forces, said the Iraqi army is not ready to restore the city of Mosul alone ,

without help, pointing out that the city can not be considered an easy target for the Iraqi army.
He told Cnn, "I do not think they (Iraqi forces) can implement it (restoration of Mosul) and only just below the peshmerga and
Shiite factions, and Mosul is not an easy target for them."

In response to a question about how long the crisis to reach the gates of Mosul, Barzani said , "For the Peshmerga from the north
we are just 14 kilometers from Mosul, and the eastern side we are about 30 km, in addition to that we are less than ten kilometers
from the Hamdania area at a time Present".

He said Barzani in response to a question about how much it will take this process, he said " the process is not in our hands
Kpeshmrkh this (progress to the connector) attach in Baghdad, politicians in Baghdad are very sensitive different Valmousel
because the majority of the population of the year, we do not know you participate Shi'ite factions process or just the Iraqi army,
and the role of the Peshmerga is not yet clear, I do not think we 're fighting and we will enter into the city. "

On if he considered the role of the Peshmerga is to pave the Iraqi forces in the attack on Mosul, Barzani "Yes , of course , and also
protect Kurdistan 's borders and pay Daesh to retreat because we are still a part of Iraq and we help the Iraqi military said
that we stay terrorists means that we are constantly're going to attacking security and our situation will be dire , we are part
of the state we can not close the border, according to him , and we must help them (Iraqi forces). "