Washington welcomes the Ministerial amendment in Iraq
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Washington welcomed the partial Ministerial that took place in Iraq on Monday amendment.
Brett said Macgork envoy of US President Barack Obama , the international coalition in his account on Twitter , "The ratification by parliament to reshuffle overcomes the crisis has been going on for months."
The House of Representatives voted to approve the presence of Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi on the final candidates . They are: Abdul Razzaq al - Issa Ministry Higher Education and scientific research, Hassan al - Janabi , the Ministry of water resources, and Jabbar and coffee for the oil ministry, and Kazem cup erythema of the Ministry of transport, Anne beneficial to the Ministry of Construction and Housing, and were sworn in amid protests of the deputies Turkmen objected to the lack of a Turkoman to a ministerial post nomination in the new amendment.
the parliament rejected grants trust for a candidate and the Ministry of Commerce Yousef al - Asadi.
the House of Representatives voted today to dissatisfaction with answers and defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi during his interrogation session, which could result in the withdrawal of confidence and dismissal from office.
the President of the House of Representatives Saleem al - Jubouri for "assuming signed request of 63 deputies from MP high Nassif to set a date for the withdrawal of confidence from the Minister of defense , "adding that" demand will be on the agenda of the meetings next week , the inclusion. "