Iraqi Bank customers are demanding Bodaiahm after bankruptcy

By Hussein Zangana

8 hours ago

Roudao - Erbil

Protests financial deposits owners of the circle in a private bank in Baghdad widened, after suffering for bankruptcy and its inability to meet its financial deposits under a severe financial crisis experienced.

And hundreds of depositors gathered Tuesday in front of the Iraqi Central Bank building in central Baghdad, Mtalpinh immediately intervene to launch financial deposits in Dar es Salaam National Bank, after the last administration's refusal to deliver them.

Protesters held banners reading "We demand the central bank to intervene to launch our money seized by the Dar es Salaam for more than a year and a half."

Gathered last Tuesday, dozens of depositors, in front of Dar es Salaam demanding the launch of the bank's management and deposits.

For his part, announced the "central" today, preparing a plan to contain the problem of depositors in the bank and secure the release of financial deposits.

Said Majid picture member of the administrative board of the Central Bank, in a press statement, he said that "the Bank of Dar es Salaam is suffering from a liquidity crisis caused by a dispute between shareholders in the bank, and the dispute has caused a large withdrawal of money from him and his inability to repay customer deposits."

He said the picture, "Central has solutions to contain the crisis and ensure the financial deposits of citizens," adding that it "will intervene soon and decide to close the bank and the bank creates a bridge through which to secure the deposits of citizens."

The "central" in 2012 put the custody of the Warka Bank Ahli after being subjected to bankruptcy and inability to repay deposits of depositors.

The central bank says that only about 10 percent of Iraqis are using the banking system, despite the presence of more than 50 banks and a special government in Baghdad and the provinces, and experts attribute the decline in the proportion Financial depositors fearing exposure of banks to the bankruptcy and the loss of their money.