International coalition waging a 21 raid in Iraq, Syria

2016/8/16 20:35

[Oan- follow-up]

The US-led international coalition forces on Tuesday launched 21 air raid on the organization Daash in Iraq and Syria sites.

She said the central leadership of the coalition operations in a statement that coalition forces launched as well as seven raids in Iraq, near the cities of Mosul and white, gray, Qayyarah and Sultan Abdullah targeted tactical units and a store of weapons and locations of the fighting and rocket launchers and gatherings of militants belonging to the Daash. "

It also "Coalition forces conducted 14 raids in Syria near the tenderness and Manbej and Mare` and managed to destroy units and tactical headquarters and sites to launch mortar shells and rocket-propelled mobile oil containers on the shoulder [RPG] and store weapons and combat outposts."