Masum calls for the adoption of fiscal federalism and amend laws to eliminate the "laziness" and administrative red tape

2016/08/16 19:04

Long-Presse / Baghdad

The President of the Republic, Fuad Masum, on Tuesday, on the need for fiscal federalism adoption of a system of decentralization in Iraq, to bring life to the state apparatus and revitalization in all regions of Iraq "without exception", calling on Parliament to amend the new ruling or issue other legislation achieved by taking advantage of international experiences eliminate "the effective and rapid" on "disease management routine laziness and unjustified," the completion of transactions of the citizens.

This came during a meeting with President of the Republic, at the Peace Palace, in central Baghdad, the Canadian Institute of Corporate Governance, Director of Marie Antoinette, and her accompanying delegation, according to a presidential statement received (long-Presse) a copy of it.

The infallible, during the meeting, "the importance of the broad definition of the concepts of fiscal federalism and the system of decentralization and gain administrative transparency and the urgent need for approval in Iraq," returned that "Iraq is in dire need of campaign management reforms urgent and comprehensive restore vitality and effectiveness of the devices bureaucratic state in all parts of Iraq without Exception".

He called on the President, the relevant parliamentary committees to "modification of the prevailing legislation or other new issuance for this purpose, as well as the need to benefit from the experiences of other countries on the issue," noting that "Iraq is facing grave dangers if you do not succeed in the actual and the rapid elimination of administrative laziness and routine disease bureaucratic unjustified and sag, neglect and inaction and slow pace in completing the transactions of the citizens, which has become the scourge of corruption produces serious is threatening the future of the country, especially that these phenomena are exacerbated more and more in government departments, including the most relevant to the daily life of the citizens. "

It is noteworthy that Iraq has long been considered among the "most corrupt" countries in the world, it also suffers from serious problems in the state administration and citizens stroll transactions.

The governance of governance requirements, and the quality of performance, and to ensure transparency and expose corruption, and repair tools in the companies or countries alike.