Integrity issued a clarification about the circumstances surrounding the hiring of international investigators

2016-08-16 at 13:42

Baghdad the balance of news

Fair body, issued Tuesday, clarification about the circumstances surrounding the hiring of international investigators.

The Commission said in a statement/balance news/copy of it, that "there are a number of local media reported statements attributed to some government officials on the subject of hiring right international goodwill, to investigate the corruption of local".

She added that "the idea of hiring some expert and international goodwill generated a fair body, and posed by international conferences involving particularly in the sixth session of the Conference of the States parties to the United Nations Convention against corruption, held the end of 2015 in St Petersburg in Russia, Republic and the fourth meeting of the Assembly of States parties to the international anti-corruption Academy held in the Austrian capital Vienna.

He said, "and had pitched this idea to the United Nations representatives during their visits to Headquarters, where the United Nations has expressed its willingness to cooperate with the Commission, and sent delegations to examine the topic."

The statement said that "the United Nations wished to obtain the consent of the Iraqi Government, to hold a memorandum of understanding to that effect, in accordance with Protocol contexts in memoranda of understanding.

He noted that "the integrity I announced at the beginning of April of this year for its recommended to deal with pain penned for expertise right in some international goodwill investigations with an international dimension and a refund and the accused."

The Commission stressed that "the purpose of international goodwill generated expertise lies in assistance in investigative cases with an international dimension specifically, where in some cases the Commission's work by investigative cm international dimension."

The statement said, "so I chose the former body three international experts in coordination with the United Nations Mission to pursue investigations into the case (ONA Ewell), announced in early May of this year at a press conference devoted to this purpose details of her meetings with a team of international experts who visited Iraq, and held several meetings with the President of the Commission and members of the high level Committee mandated to investigate the case and still these experts are pursuing the case."

The statement drew, that "the other purpose is to assist the Board and the rest of other State institutions in file recovery funds and convicted", stating "the Commission agreed with the United Nations Mission on the importance of hiring international experts to provide assistance to Iraq in this file follow through international action and it takes this file endeavours and efforts to overcome obstacles and hurdles Iraq some countries embracing the convicts and smuggled money."

The authority confirmed by her statement that "international experiences come to some Iraqi investigators skills through participation in courses and visits prepared for this purpose, and inform them of the advanced international experience in combating corruption".

It showed that "the Commission wishes to clarify and eliminate confusion that might disturb public opinion, than you might think to use the possibilities of international experts but were the result of weak regulatory agencies or pressures."

She stressed that "expert opinion and international investigators since the beginning was (no possibility of taking the investigation on domestic issues with the local dimension).