Infallible: Iraq desperately need urgent and comprehensive administrative reform campaign

2016/8/16 15:04

{Baghdad: Euphrates News}

President Fouad Massoum to Iraq in desperate need of urgent and comprehensive administrative reform campaign.

A presidential statement quoted received {Euphrates news} copy today confirm infallible during his reception at the Peace Palace in Baghdad on Tuesday, the Canadian governance Institute Director Marie Antoinette at the head of a delegation on the importance of the broad definition of the concepts of fiscal federalism and decentralization and administrative transparency gains and the urgent need to adopt in Iraq. "

"Iraq is in urgent need of urgent and comprehensive administrative reforms campaign restore vitality and effectiveness of the State bureaucracy in all areas of Iraq without exception," calling on the relevant parliamentary committees to modify the prevailing legislation or new legislation for this purpose as well as the need to learn from the experience of other countries. "

Masoom said that "Iraq to face grave danger if it succeeds in eliminating the quick and effective diabetes management laziness and undue bureaucratic and SAG and neglect and slow failure in processing citizens that serious scourge produces havoc Pat threatens the future of the country, noting that these phenomena worsen more and more in the State services including the most relevant to the daily lives of the citizens".