The new oil minister: We seek to increase production and achieve balance in OPEC

2016/8/16 14:33

[Oan- Baghdad]

The new oil minister Jabbar and coffee, he said, "seeks to increase Iraq's production of crude, balancing OPEC's market."

The parliament may give confidence yesterday for coffee with the other ministers in the new cabinet reshuffle in the government of Haider al-Abadi.

And beyond Iraq produce more than 4 million barrels a month, mostly from the southern oil fields.

A statement by the Ministry of Oil that Laibi "on Tuesday held a meeting at the ministry's headquarters with agents of the ministry and inspector general and general managers, and stressed the need to work as a team in order to keep the oil wealth and development, as well as sustain the national production of oil and investment optimization of gas."

He said the oil minister, according to the statement, that "has a lot of plans and ideas and programs ambitious flowing in to raise the efficiency and scalability, along with finding a financial revenue of the largest federal treasury to support through improved oil and gas industry, especially oil products that have a direct contact to the services provided to citizens, to Besides improving performance in processing citizens with fuel, reflecting the civilized image of the country stations. "

Laibi stressed "the need to work day and night in order to increase national production of oil and gas, which in turn leads to increased export potential for oil and gas as well as fill a need electric fuel power plants."

He said the oil minister, "we aspire to raise oil and gas reserves levels and promote additional quantities through the activation of exploration and investment activity of the reserves is proven and undiscovered and provide great support for the national effort."

He Laibi "We have a lot of files and other issues of interest to us, including work on the resolution of joint oil fields file with the neighboring countries and keenness on developing and strengthening the relationship with them, and increase the volume of cooperation to serve the common interests, as well as we will be discreet policies, work fee to balance the organization of Petroleum exporting countries also seek to promote Doralarac in my organization [OPEC] and [OAPEC]. "