The Basra Council invites new oil Minister to involve local government in oil policy


Economy news/Basrah.

The Commission invited the Basra Council oil and gas new oil Minister to involve local government policy.

A statement of the Office of the President of the oil and gas Commission in Basra on shaddad economy "got news Knight" He warmly chose Jabbar alaibi oil Minister, pointing out that this choice would improve the reality of the country's oil industry and develop the work of the Ministry as the new Minister of the main columns and his sketchy on the details and carries a lot of evolutionary ideas.

Knight said that the new Minister has a lot of responsibilities and outstanding files requiring it dealt with firmly and openness as well as the importance of cooperation with the oil-producing provinces and especially Basra in order to develop the work and involvement of local government oil policy to ensure the interests of both parties. "

Knight said that "local government in Basra will provide the highest levels of support and backup to the new Minister and call at the same time to conservative equity as most affected by oil extraction operations and activate your licenses contracts clauses of social benefits, training, and youth rehabilitation and development of areas near the oil fields.