Okaz» open shame for «Zlamh Iran» file .. Maliki

Before the fall of the Iraqi regime in April 2003, it was not Nuri al-Maliki's name is a record on Iraq, the large map, but that the US occupation has produced new faces on the political arena mercenary, took out a lot of questions, about their affiliation and their links political and religious history.

Maliki One such controversial names in the Iraqi arena, and escalated the controversy after being sentenced a man Iran «hidden», Iraq since the year 2006 until the year 2014, the payment of which Iraq heavy price of blood, as well as his role in founding a fertile environment for the civil war sectarian killer, which Iraq has become a source in the region.

The foundations of Nuri al-Maliki, who was known as Jawad al-Maliki «Abu Israa», a network of Iraqi smugglers on the Beirut-Damascus road known as «military line», in cooperation with Syrian intelligence. So that Iraqis fleeing Saddam's rule residing in Syria are prevented from traveling to Beirut, as they are political refugees, but that al-Maliki through a link with Syrian security launched a line of smuggling and the transfer of some Iraqi figures to Beirut, in the framework of coordination and communication with Hezbollah and Iran.

In the summer of 1999 I met a «chance» sheer someone Iraqi man, Hussein Faleh gesture, a fraud expert passport unknown in the southern suburbs, in this meeting was the first time I heard the name of Jawad Abu Israa, gesture, spoke about that person at length, and the surprise was that al-Maliki was a milestone for Hussein, a gesture, it is his knowledge of the origins of forgery of European passports. It was the cost of the passport five thousand dollars after the Iraqis could get a passport, to travel across the sea to Europe, while the military smuggling line (Damascus-Beirut) Vtkfatth 10 thousand Syrian pounds, equivalent to US $ 200 at the time. As a result, al-Maliki's presence in the Iraqi Dawa Party and its relations woven by the Syrian intelligence and Hezbollah, and his vast knowledge of Iraqi personalities through smuggling line, brighten the star-Maliki in the Iraqi community and show the intelligence he is a man easily recruited, reaching through the gate party to rule Iraq for 12 years.

The closest confidants of Nuri al-Maliki, an Iraqi was a member of the Dawa party, was staying in the same building, home to al-Maliki in the Garden floor on the outskirts of the capital, Damascus, says «known al-Maliki, a man smuggling partisan rattling, has good relations with Iran's religious seminaries, and was shortly fund these seminaries official in Damascus .. wondering Abu Jubran - a cultured Iraqi Marov- how this man to rule the days of the great Iraq days.

Legal: his place in prison

Hacma narrator (Beirut)

Confirmed by international law expert Dr. Tariq Handb lawyer, that the natural place to Nuri al-Maliki is in prison on the background of the crimes he committed against Iraq and the Iraqis and the human and the Arab states, and Lebanon one of the most prominent of these countries, known al-Maliki, a killer and a thief.

Added Dr. Handb for «Okaz», «Maliki terrorist criminal since its inception, is the one who was on the run in Syria, and made several bombing in Iraq and Beirut operations, and acknowledged by» adding that the documents WikiLeaks revealed how the liquidation and murder of Iraqi Sunni scholars in cooperation with intelligence Israeli. «Al-Maliki, a criminal and a thief and the money of the Iraqi people, though the Iraqi judiciary does not try him, the international judiciary and increased reserves to try him and his money stolen by a billions and put it in banks in Europe and America and Lebanon.»

Iran protects Nuri wash «Iraqi Central funds operations»

«Okaz» (Baghdad)

Iraqi sources said that Iran interfered and prevented the CBI from disclosing any private information related to money-laundering operations of Nuri al-Maliki to any party whatsoever, whether judicial or parliamentary, pointing out that Maliki himself is a student of Tehran to intervene for the protection of banking information.

The sources confirmed for «Okaz» that a parliamentary committee is following the largest money laundering clues in the history of Iraq, administered by the Central Bank to calculate Maliki, as well as to convert large amounts of money to accounts in Switzerland.

The sources revealed that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who belongs to the Dawa Party, led by al-Maliki responded to the Iranian request and asked the central bank not to provide any point of an Iraqi responsible in any banking information related to al-Maliki.

She said, that the Iraqi Security responsible for protecting the bank to prevent three deputies from entering the bank and meet with officials in it, based on Abadi instructed, as he was supposed to follow the larger operation to launder money and transfer large sums of money outside Iraq dossier accuses Maliki of being behind it.

She said parliamentary sources told «Okaz», said that the remittances of the owners and his family in the bank files with high uncertainty, especially on the issue of disclosure of the sources of the funds transferred out of the country, estimated at billions of dollars, noting that the largest of these transfers were banks of «Alberivc» in Switzerland .

The sources pointed out that the documented information confirms to reach some of the facts, especially since there is a huge financial figures have been agitated in recent months turned to the accounts of al-Maliki and members of his family out of the country, either by the central bank or exchange companies.

She said that the figures indicate a documented information obtained by the Finance Committee in the Parliament, he said that the transfers carried out by some exchange companies which carry the names of al-Maliki and his son and some leaders of the Dawa Party, led by very large-Maliki has been transformed in recent months out of the country.

The intervention of Iran to protect al-Maliki and covered up in the looting of Iraq's money, after Tehran barred his trial on charges of delivery of Mosul to «Daash», since convicted more than a parliamentary inquiry confirmed his involvement and the fall of Iraq's second city.

The parliamentary committees to investigate a report of 100 pages, all of which al-Maliki condemned, during his tenure as prime minister and the General Command of the Armed Forces, the fall of Mosul.

The Sharp differences broke out inside the parliament, to protest the change Iran to the minutes of the investigation to clear al-Maliki, after commissions of inquiry on the relationships revealed a lot of financial and administrative corruption and the relationship suspicious between the security services, and the relationship between al-Maliki, the central and local government in Nineveh government.

And bowed Iraqi parliament altogether Iranian storm to protect al-Maliki, after he leaked information about the conviction of al-Maliki has re-shuffle the cards in Iraq, which led to the collapse of this file.

Jewish communal ..garq in a sea of ​​blood

«Okaz» (Baghdad)

Dealing with the Iraqi historical references a lot of facts, and perhaps the fact that talking about Iraqi public opinion in their own councils from time to time, and the other is Nuri al-Maliki's family assets, which is talked about openly Iraqi News Agency Director Sarmad Abdul Karim, who told a television interviewer boldly, the Maliki family of Jewish descent, and return to the tribe Alkrazat dating attributed to the sons of the Jewish Gereida, which fled to Iraq and settled in Mosul, and become Shiites after the end of the Ottoman Empire.

Talk about the origins of al-Maliki, a family of Jewish Almicheah was no coincidence came after he uncovered documents famous WikiLeaks, that he never ceased to communicate with Israel when he took the presidency of the Iraqi government handed Tel Aviv many Iraqi documents added to a list bearing the names of 350 people, the most prominent Iraqi scientists, most often of the year, claiming that they are the greatest threat to Israel.

Remarkably, that the documents WikiLeaks confirm that al-Maliki asked Tel Aviv to work on the liquidation of these scholars, regardless of where they are located outside of Iraq, claiming that these are pose the greatest threat in the region.

Maliki, who became in 2006 president of the Iraqi government reflected the combination «Shi'ite Alliance» winner of the legislative elections, took the initiative to launch «initiative for peace and reconciliation with all the components of Iraqi society with the exception of carrying arms against the government, military and security organs» as stated in a statement his government first, the campaign has not reaped positive fruit and sank in the mud of sectarian cleansing.

Maliki is one of those responsible for acts of sectarian violence in Iraq by covering the death squads, which carries out the killing, and the displacement and genocide.

The newspaper «The Times» British Earlier, a report criticizing the al-Maliki, as she called «sectarian who put Iraq on the brink of sectarian war again», especially after the military campaign against the Sunni provinces of Iraq.

She added that al-Maliki «the failure of security in the country, file management, and this is what made the year fighters and tribal elders made sure that inside a Shiite Tzba and tough, so it reap what you sow».

As parliamentarians, US carrying heavily on al-Maliki, accusing him of «feeding a wave of suicide bombings by the slowdown in the reconciliation between Sunnis and Shiites, and because of its relations with Iran.»

Maliki after his power was still stir armed militias practiced sectarian killings and walks Iraq under his influence, to cloning a spiral of sectarian violence that caused the death of more than two million Iraqis between 2006 and 2008.