Rasheed: 53 billion dinars for housing loans

8/16/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD Shokran Fatlawi

Play bank loans, role in increasing economic activity and moving the national economy through money borrowed to invest and employ them in projects that serve the country 's economy in the various agricultural sectors, industrial and service and not fully rely on Rei , one supplier exhibition burnout ".bhzh ferry began expert financial Fawzia Sharhan Kaabi, her "morning" and that it promised to micro, small and medium financed through bank loans projects, the mission and the player the major role in the economic development process, pointing at the same time it is an important source of job creation, especially among young people and a means task to run manpower and eliminate the problem of unemployment accompanied by the support of income, particularly in the country 's current conditions.

It said al - Kaabi said the move comes to coincide with what appropriated the Central Bank of the amount of six trillion five hundred billion dinars in order to achieve the government 's plan to restructure Iraq 's economy and moving it from unilateral economic side to productive economy, and for various industrial, agricultural and housing and services sectors, service to the process of economic development and the disposal of the economic downturn Alsaidh.uadt enterprise development phase, the sinews of economic important to the magnitude of the supplement to the revenues the state and revive the economy through taxes and fees , calling at the same time the need to strengthen the role of financial control by the central bank and by the committees fair interest of public money .opent that the bank is working to overcome obstacles to the beneficiaries by giving them allow three - month period and the period of repayment of 3-2 years at an interest rate not to exceed 10 percent in order to move the wheel of the local economy and get rid of the case

In terms of projects , housing loans , said Kaabi , which occupies the post of director of Sumer neighborhood of the Rasheed Bank branch: devoted to the roof of credit of 35 billion dinars for the Rasheed Bank that gives $ 50 million, for a student loan as an addition to build or to support the land in order to the advancement of the housing sector and reduce the housing crisis that the country has suffered for over three decades in a row.

The central bank had allocated trillion dinars for private banks, and 5 trillion dinars for banks (agricultural, industrial and government real estate) to lend to small business owners, after the adoption of instructions governing the work of guaranteed bank loans companies according to government and programs prepared by the central bank controls.

And on the introduction of the electronic currency trading, al - Kaabi said it was working to raise the level of performance in providing services to clients as well as reduced operational costs for banks over the disposal of the prevailing traditional methods accompanied by reduced monetary mass circulating in the trading business and reduce fraud Alamlh.oualeman to the presence of features for the dealer and the consumer and the bank both by the use of electronic currency through ease of use and reduce theft , concluding her speech the need for the action plan 2016 2020 calling for the need to work the electronic banking for banks and financial institutions technology.