Basra council meets with Italian companies implement service projects on credit

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{Basra: Euphrates News} Search vice president of the Council of Basra, Walid Gitan, with a representative of my company {Corato, and Lyon Pro} Roberto Burley, basic steps to implement a number of service projects in accordance with the payment on credit system.

He Gitan in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today that "the local government is willing to contract with the Italian companies after obtaining the federal government agreed to pay all incurred on credit dues," pointing out that "the two companies the delegation will visit the council's committees and relevant departments in planned projects implementation to discuss the actual needs required for the projects. "

He explained that "the two companies carry the message of a delegation from the Italian ambassador in Iraq, which has promised to visit the province next month in September,
adding that" the request of the guests approached their embassy in Baghdad, the need to open a consulate of the Republic of Italy in Basra. "

For his part, the representative of my company Corato according to the statement that "the two companies are planning to implementation of projects carried out in advance in Italy."

He added that "residential, commercial and health projects are located in the forefront of specialty companies, which already have carried out more than one hospital in the capital Baghdad." is over