International Alliance: the arrival of 400 US adviser to Iraq

2016/8/15 22:22

[Oan- follow-up]

The official spokesman for the international coalition Col. Christopher Garver announced the arrival of 400 US soldiers out of the 560 declared them Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter.

Garver denied at a press conference today, "there is no US military forces, especially in Iraq," noting that "all existing rules are the special Iraqi army bases in Iraq."

He added that "there are no plans for the international coalition include the participation of Turkish troops in the battle to liberate Mosul," denying "the existence of a private US military bases in Iraq."

He continued, "We respect the sovereignty of Iraq and must obtain the approval of the Iraqi government for the participation of Turkish troops in the battle of Mosul," and expressed "hope that resolving the political differences between Iraq and Turkey."

The US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said in a visit to Baghdad on 11 July, sending 560 additional US troops to Iraq, "noting that" these forces that are part of the international coalition and will provide support for the Iraqi security forces, including infrastructure logistics and capacity. "

Carter stressed that these forces "will enhance the capabilities of the Iraqi security forces in Mosul liberalization process," declaring that "the United States will use Qayyarah liberated by Iraqi forces recently south of Mosul, the Post editorial process, Nineveh base."

She explained the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, the tasks to be performed by Almscharion Americans after the new Iraqi progress made towards freeing the city of Mosul in recent days.

He said media adviser and civil ministry spokesman Naseer Nouri, told all of Iraq [where] that "these soldiers and the 560 have expertise in logistical support and rehabilitation of air bases including Qayyarah base that was edited recently south of Mosul, was the strategic goal of the process of the northern Salahuddin is to restore the rule that will be the conduit and the headquarters of ground troops liberated the conductor. "

Recognizes Iraq earlier this month, a new meal of F-16 aircraft and the Defence Ministry confirmed that it will enter into a battle of Mosul.