Masum Barzani: Phase fateful need to deepen national unity and joint action

2016/8/15 21:28

[Oan- Baghdad]

The President of the Republic Fuad Masum, the Kurdistan regional president Massoud Barzani, the importance of national unity and joint action of the victory over the terrorist gangs Daash, exceeding the financial and political crises.

Masum said in a congratulatory message to Barzani on the occasion of the 70th founding anniversary of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan "I extend to you, and through you to the members of the Political Bureau and the Council of the leadership and members of Maazari Party, sincere congratulations and sincerest congratulations on the occasion of the 70th founding anniversary of the party militant Kurdistan Democratic Party and wish you progress and success in achieving more achievements as well as the protection and development gains made to date and the enormous sacrifices often. "

He added that "this anniversary coincided with a suitable Meladkm holiday, make me also take this opportunity to congratulate a fighter and the leader played a memorable role in the victory of the Orient struggle for our people and the Iraqi Kurdistan levels and in different stages."

We infallible "We are confident that under your leadership the Kurdistan Democratic Party to continue its role in achieving new victories to ensure our people to move forward toward the righteousness of progress, peace and social justice and a decent life for all its citizens."

And went on, "as the anniversary of the founding of your party solutions in this critical juncture underlines the urgent need for concerted everyone in order to win the war against terror Daash gangs as well as addressing the financial and political difficulties and others across the deepening of the national unity and joint action to overcome the crises and obstacles all."

He concluded infallible congratulated Barzani said, "I hope in the end that becomes appropriate founding party struggling under your proven extra motivation to ensure the progress of our people towards the achievement of all aspirations in a constitutional country a federal, democratic, free and pluralistic and advanced, wishing you good health and Muwafaqiya and continued success."