The new education minister: We will not be part of the agenda of electoral institutions monopoly

2016/8/15 20:09


Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Abdul Razak Abdul Jalil al-Issa said he "would not be part of the electoral agenda of monopoly enterprises."

Issa said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] on Monday, "While we highly appreciate the confidence that gave us the House of Representatives, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Petklevena and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, we promise the Iraqi people to adhere to national principles and adopt a platform in the course of enterprise development Academy to serve and enhance the scientific reality and the future desired by the Iraqi state. "

And Odhaq, "we are as we express our confidence in the pace of reforms that have been developed founded by religious authority and loyal sons of the Iraqi people and its disproportionate effect on the will of the challenge to the forces of corruption and terrorism industry, we commit ourselves in front of gave us confidence and public opinion to work in a spirit of national responsibility away from politics and their requirements, but accounts," he underlined that "our work will be part of strategies to serve the public interest and the people of all of Iraq and we will not be part of the electoral agenda of monopoly enterprises and Tagirha for the benefit of narrow goals.

Alissa stressed the adoption of academic freedom approach for the management of universities, independence and diversify the prospects of scientific development in the form that we aspire to Iraqi institutions of higher learning to be present in international academic forums map.

The House of Representatives voted to approve the presence of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on the final candidates. They are: Abdul Razzaq al-Essa of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Hassan al-Janabi, the Ministry of Water Resources, and Jabbar and coffee for the oil ministry, and Kazem cup erythema of the Ministry of Transport, Anne beneficial to the Ministry of Construction and Housing, and performed sworn in amid protests of the deputies of the Turkmen opposition to the lack of a Turkoman to the nomination of a ministerial post in the new amendment.

Parliament refused to give confidence to the candidate of the Ministry of Commerce Yousef al-Asadi.