Parliamentary legal reveal reasons for withdrawal from the vote on the amnesty law

2016-08-15 at 18:46

Special the balance of news

The parliamentary legal Committee member revealed Ibtisam Al-hilali, Monday, about the reasons for the withdrawal of the State of law Coalition deputies who vote on Amnesty bill.

Hilali said to balance legal, news on behalf of political blocs met before the meeting and agreement was reached on all paragraphs of the draft amnesty law ", stating that" Sadr did not object to the law to add a paragraph include prisoners amnesty. "

Hilali said, adding that "the investigation and scrutiny to trial paragraph why the President in the State of law Coalition MPs withdraw from Parliament session, that" the law will be shown next Tuesday in Parliament to vote on it again. "

And for the House of representatives, voting on an Amnesty bill to next week, after a breach of the quorum.

Reporter/News/balances today that deputies of National Alliance withdrew from the Parliament session, after the Amnesty bill to vote confirmed that the withdrawal had caused the disruption of over 29 quorum