Iran will inject seven million m3 per day of Iraq through next September

2016/08/15 19:13

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Announced the National Iranian Gas Company, on Monday, for Astaadadaha power station in Baghdad processing capacity of millions of cubic meters per day by next September, indicating that the second line will start pumping gas to Basra during the next 2017, including raising exported to Iraq amounts to seventy million cubic meters per day, while economic expert asserted that the Iranians are looking for "the growing market for the disposal of their production" of gas.

The director of the National Iranian Gas Company, Hamid Reza ARAGHI, to transfer the US site Bloomberg Bloomberg economic news statements, and followed up (range Press), said that "Iran will supply Iraq with seven million cubic meters per day of gas station gas power in Baghdad, during next September after a delay for more than a year behind schedule, "adding that" a second line up to Basra (590 km south of Baghdad), will open in the next year in 2017, including raising the amount of gas exported to Iraq to seventy million cubic meters per day. "

According to the site, that "the National Iranian Gas Company said during the past year 2014, it will start exporting gas to Iraq as of the year 2015".

And the transfer of Bloomberg, the economic analyst, Richard Mallinson, of Aanerjee Aspakedz Foundation, in London, as saying that "Iranian gas is present in all cases, and that Iraq desperately he needed to run electric its stations," noting that "the Iranians are looking for a market for the amount of gas rising from producer South Pars fields. "

The Iranian Oil Ministry, announced (13 March 2016) for their readiness to start exporting natural gas to Iraq through May 2016, indicating that it is waiting to start the necessary infrastructure Baghdad monument to commence pumping seven million cubic meters a day of it over the next nine months

The National Iranian Gas Company for export, confirmed earlier, on Iran's readiness to export gas to Iraq, as soon as the latter ensures the security side of the pipeline that extends in its territory.

He was director of external relations for the company National Iranian gas exports, Azizullah Ramazani, ruled in (the ninth of January 2016), the direct supply Iraq with gas in accordance with the specified date of the public present in 2016 a possibility, because of the repercussions of the security situation, likely to begin processing during the first quarter of 2017 next

It is noteworthy that Iraq and Iran have signed, in August 2013, on-running six-year agreement provides for the import of Iraq's seven million cubic meters of Iranian gas per day, this figure rises gradually until it reaches 25 million cubic meters two years later, so take advantage of it to feed two power plants in Baghdad and a third in Diyala, with a line length of 270 km, extending from fields (Pars) Iranian South all the way to Iraq.