Kurdish lawmaker: Iraqi Kurdistan and agree to discuss the implementation of the agreement in Arbil, the National Conference
20/04/2012 13:40:03

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BAGHDAD (Iba) ... The MP said the Kurdistan Alliance Majid Ismail that Massoud Barzani, like other national leaders nervous about the return of dictatorship to Iraq, pointing out that the Iraqi people suffered a lot of dictatorship in the previous regime. He added that the Kurdistan Alliance and the Iraqi List, fully agree to be discussed at the conference agreement for the application of mechanisms of Erbil. explained Ismail told the independent press (Iba) ... That the warning contained Barzani's comments he made ​​recently, and asked where clearly the need to take positions to prevent the emergence of a new dictatorship in Iraq, after the imposition of a one-party itself in power. On the statements recently issued by the deputies of the National Alliance calls for a cut demands of some of the blocks politics for the National Conference which is scheduled to bring together the various political forces, Ismail said that the Kurdistan Alliance and the Iraqi List, agree fully to be at the conference discuss the mechanisms to implement the agreement Erbil. noted Ismail that there are some voices calling for non-research in the implementation of the agreement Erbil, explaining that the agreement was in time past, while today we need a new agreement specifies the path of the political process, from their point of view. He Ismail that the majority of the Iraqi forces today agree that the Iraqi constitution is the reference for the National Conference, while the agreement Erbil is the road map that should be looking at the conference to come out to resolve the political crisis experienced by the country. revealed the Iraqi leader Ayad Allawi Wednesday the existence of old alliances and new with the Kurds and the Sadr movement and some of the Islamic parties to address the uniqueness of al-Maliki in power, and stressed that the prime minister no longer has only three options, either to achieve the partnership through the implementation of the Convention Erbil or early elections or step down, pointing out that Iraq is ready to turn to the opposition. Allawi said that there are alliances with some components of the Iraqi List, with the Kurds over the age decades of years and there is a consensus with Mr. Muqtada as well as parties other Muslim, he said, adding that there is a case of diagnosis and one now everyone has a uniqueness in governance that will lead to a dictatorship, as well as violations of constitutional rights by the system and the horrible deterioration in the political process. Allawi added that Maliki has three options which is to achieve a partnership or an early election or to replace the Prime Minister present the latest by the National Alliance, noting at the same time that al-Maliki is not serious about holding the National Conference and failed to implement the Convention on Arbil took him with me and Massoud Barzani, the presence of Ambassador to the United States. Allawi stressed that the Iraqi List is not ready to shift to the opposition because there is no real democracy in the country, considering that the province and Minister of Iraq to the meetings of the Council of Ministers and House of Representatives has achieved its objectives and as a result called on the President to convene a national conference, as a result of this call returned and ministers of Iraq for meetings of the Council of Ministers. and waved the Iraqi List, said on Wednesday the formation of an alliance with the political blocs parliamentary order no confidence in the current government headed by Nuri al-Maliki if not implemented agreements Arbil, saying that House Speaker Osama Najafi were required to Vice President of the Republic Khudair Khuzaie be future meetings to discuss the implementation of agreements and not to present papers. and select the president, Jalal Talabani, in ( March 25, 2011), the fifth month this April, the date for the national meeting, also called the Preparatory Committee charged with preparing for the meeting to complete its work before the date fixed for the contract, as he emphasized the President of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi, the fourth of this April, that the meeting will be held in scheduled, attributing the cause to the widening differences between the political blocs. The unit of the differences between the political blocs intensified after that shifted from the different Iraqi rule of law to the difference in the latter with the Kurdistan Alliance, too, after the new President of Iraqi Kurdistan Massoud Barzani (April 6, 2012 ), during his visit to the United States attack against the central government in Baghdad and accused her of shirking the promises and commitments, while stressing that the Kurds would not accept in any way that the positions and powers, however, one person leads an army Mleonia and restore the country to the era of dictatorship. (End)