Parliament hosts Abadi approves cabinet reshuffle and the postponement of the general amnesty next week [Extended]

2016/8/15 18:21


House of Representatives voted in its twelfth headed by Salim al-President of the Council and the regular presence of 241 deputies on Monday to give confidence to the five ministers and not being content with answers and defense minister in addition to the direct vote on the amnesty law.

A statement by the Media Department of the House of Representatives received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Monday that "in the beginning of the meeting the Council voted to judges of the body was discriminatory competent consideration of appeals filed to the board of accountability and justice decisions they judge Zuhair Abdul-Sahib president of the body and all of the judges Najim Abdullah and Hamid Sahi Mekdad and the Badr Hamid, Hamid Obeid and morning Romy and Muthana Ahmed Aedaoua in the body in addition to the two judges Zaydoon Saadoun and veil Ibrahim Aedaoua reserve.

And on the grill and Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi said al-Jubouri that followed context in this regard is directing a question to the House of Representatives over the conviction with answers interrogator or not during the interrogation process.

The Council voted on dissatisfaction with answers Khalid al-Obeidi, the defense minister during the questioning in the House of Representatives.

In another matter, the Council hosted Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi for the purpose of completing the vote on the cabinet reshuffle.

At the outset of hosting President al-Jubouri, welcomed the Prime Minister for the purpose of completing the vacant ministries.

For his part, al-Abadi thanked the council for allowing an opportunity to make a cabinet reshuffle, which is part of the reform process, noting that the reform group cumulative processes to advance the status of the country, and expressed his hope that the House of Representatives and the government work is devoted to proceed with the march of reform and the fight against corruption.

Abadi stressed the non-objection of the government to question ministers and that everyone is united in rejecting political interrogation, stressing his respect for the voice of the opposition and that is respect for the opinion of the majority.

Jubouri in turn stressed that the process of interrogation was unconstitutional and has considerable according to the contexts and based on the opinion of the majority in the Council.

Then the Council voted on the five ministers out of six ministers have been brought by the Prime Minister within the cabinet reshuffle They Abdul Razak Abdul Jalil al-Issa, Minister for Higher Education and Hassan Hadi al-Janabi, a minister of water resources and Jabbar Ali Hussein and coffee and oil minister and Kazem cup of erythema and Minister of Transport and wholesome Osei, Minister of Housing and reconstruction, while the Council declined to accept the nomination for Yusuf Ali Asadi trade minister, later sworn in the new ministers.

This was followed by the Attorney Niazi architecture Davutoglu statement on behalf of the House of Representatives Turkmen rejecting the absence of a Turkmen candidate within the cabinet reshuffle, indicating that the lack of representation of Turkmens in the government formation embarrass Turkmen deputies either represent them and who have made great sacrifices in several cities, demanding fairly Turkmen in the reshuffle also afforded a previous governments after 2003, the House of Representatives calling for solidarity with the demands of the Turkmens nominate a person Turkmen as it deems appropriate for one of the vacant ministries.

And cross-Jubouri solidarity with the demands of the Turkmen and their presence in the government and state institutions, all pointing to the selection of the cabinet reshuffle, the right of the Prime Minister and can not be for the House of Representatives to intervene only control and voting upon.

Council hosted Adila Hammoud, Minister of Health and a number of officials at the ministry and the governor of Baghdad, Ali al-Tamimi and the head of the Baghdad Provincial Council Riad dentex and a number of officials and the Director General of Civil Defense in connection with a fire Yarmouk hospital incident.

At the outset of hosting Iaram Sheikh Mohammed, Chairman of the meeting thanked the audience for hosting the session.

For its part voiced Health Minister objecting to the presence of Baghdad's health director Karkh it is not carrying an official status to be relieved from his position based on the ordered my book as prime minister as well as the issuance of a ministerial order for it, noting that the Director of Health Baghdad's Karkh cut off from the official working hours and has a junction with the work of the ministry Thus lawsuit.

For his part, Vice President of the Council on the need to move to provide all Maitalq a fire hospital.

She Hammoud that the fire unfortunate and very painful led to the innocent victims after a fire broke atrium premature infants was directed Ambulances and civil defense as well as communication with the governor of Baghdad, about the incident, noting the formation of an investigative committee in the ministry headed by the Inspector General and preview the scene, accompanied by Minister Office was investigation lobby with workers about the incident.

She said the health minister that the initial report indicates the materials enter the installation of material of gasoline, which is believed Ithirhbhh to be a fire by this article, but the investigation is still underway on the incident by the Ministry of the Interior and forensics, civil defense, pointing to the existence of the entire intersection between the Ministry and the Department of Health Karkh resulting in many problematic consequences have led to the deterioration of the health situation in the Karkh district of the health institutions and recording cons not treated in hospitals, including the Yarmouk hospital.

For his part, accept the Inspector General of the Ministry of Health details of the incident through for electrical fault doctors and nurses, orderlies inability to control it, despite evacuated to nine children from the hallway, explaining that the forensic report proved the accident was caused by arson, noting that the administrative report has proven the existence of shortening the safety measures and safety at Yarmouk hospital in specifically lobby premature and lack of real reform plan led to the incident.

Turn the governor of Baghdad, Ali al-Tamimi said Mahrgueta Yarmouk, Karrada still heart-rending demanding hosted in the House of Representatives to view the needs of the province, adding that the NB of the incident from the moment of hindsight, alluding to the presence of four investigations into the incident carried out by the forensic evidence, civil defense and the province of Baghdad and the Inspector General the Ministry of Health, all of which are still not final.

He said al-Tamimi said the province conducted an investigation with the hospital director and his assistant and director of the civil defense included recommendations to download the responsibility of the hospital rags protection and entry materials used the incident to lobby premature and coordination with the investigative competent for the person who burned the lobby with the importance of open civil defense center at Yarmouk hospital, indicating the allocation 9 million dinars to the safety procedures for hospitals and health clinics in the Karkh It is not enough to provide those procedures.

For his part, the dentex the provincial council on drawing public policy in the province and the implementation of projects and performance evaluation standards, stressing the absence of any measures for safety in most state institutions, pointing out that the provincial council continued all stages of the investigation carried out by the executive bodies and after the release of the report will be taken measures legal in this regard.

For its part, he said head of the health committee in the Baghdad Provincial Council, said the provincial council will take all necessary measures to punish those responsible for the incident after the issuance of the final report of a fire.

For his part, Director General of the Department of Health in Baghdad - Al-Karkh survival of his position based on a judicial decision noting his way to the scene and was taking the necessary measures pointing to the existence of data available that the fire incident was a terrorist or a criminal alluding to the lack of presence of the Minister of Health or its agents with the exception of the Inspector General, noting that the punitive measures against the director of the hospital and the number of administrators.

And the Director General of Civil Defense said the Civil Defense in the Karkh held coupes several on the Yarmouk Teaching Hospital, showed negligence in the requirements and conditions of safety where, stressing that the response from the hospital was non-existent in absolute terms, explaining that the forensic evidence in the Interior Ministry has proved that the accident was caused by arson.

In the interventions of Representatives MP Hani punitive vice chairman of the Health Committee of the Parliamentary detect the presence of members of the committee to the scene were Seen representatives from the Government representative agent of the Ministry of the Interior and the Inspector General of the Ministry of Health and the director of civil defense, alluding to the queries of the Health Committee in Parliament not to respond rapidly to extinguish by safety teams in the hospital, where he found a number of bottles amortization unusable, adding that the Commission has provided a comprehensive and detailed report on the incident, calling on the Council to follow up the measures taken in this regard.

They MP Hanan al that what happened is a crime against children were killed intentionally noting the importance of the punishment of the perpetrators of the incident and brought to justice.

He inquired MP Ibtisam al-Hilali for legal proceedings against defaulters by the Minister of Health.

He said MP Ali Hoalah of a default in the work of the Ministry of health and safety measures in hospitals, which led to the killing of innocent children burned to death in the Yarmouk hospital.

For his part, MP Saleh al-Hasnawi to the formation of a special committee comprising several investigative bodies for the purpose of reaching the truth.

MP Ribawar Taha to know the measures taken by the Ministry of Health and the Department of the Inspector General.

And he demanded to know the MP Sabah al-Tamimi in charge of dereliction of safety procedures or neglected to surround the incident.

MP considered, but Talabani said fire rating lobby the kids at Yarmouk hospital incident as a terrorist act, the investigation will lead toward another direction different from being a criminal.

MP Moussawi turn a struggling student to terminate the investigation carried out by the Inspector General of the Ministry of Health as being inconsistent with the achievement of the executive bodies.

He noted the MP Ahmed al-Jubouri, the importance of the formation of an investigative committee of the House of Representatives before the fact sheet and the disclosure of negligence.

She called MP Ghada al-Shammari Prime Minister to reconsider the law of the transfer of powers, particularly the Ministry of Health being led to stagger work and find a mechanism for control and inspection of the institutions of the Ministry of Health, noting that the presence of cylinders fire in the lobby of the kids is remiss not acceptable.

He stressed MP Mohammad Naji on the importance of determining negligence in a fire incident Yarmouk hospital in order to ensure non-recurrence of such incidents and work on forming a parliamentary committee to be chaired by the President of the House of Representatives.

He noted the MP Awad al-Awadi, the need to work to improve the health situation and the advancement of the hospital rather than resorting patients for treatment outside the country.

In its reply to the interventions Riad dentex head of the Baghdad Provincial Council stressed that the transfer of powers was the approval of the House of Representatives, referring to the transfer of part of the financial and administrative powers of the ministries have not been fully transferred, denying the existence of any relationship between the incident Yarmouk Hospital and the transfer of powers.

For its part, stressed Adila Hammoud, Minister of Health said the ministry began to unzip health departments link in the ministry and the transfer of powers based on the decision in this regard, pointing to health departments in Baghdad and independent provinces financially, pointing to the lack of financial allocations for Omash which reflected negatively on the reality of the health sector.

She and the health minister said the Department of the People's clinics, self-financing circle with the Board of Directors decided to allocate a percentage of the department's profit for the Minister for the purpose of dispensing the rehabilitation and development of hospitals and provide the necessary supplies, saying the ministry is ready apply all legal proceedings for those found to be involved by accident Yarmouk Hospital, as well as compensation for those affected and in accordance with law .

For his part, the governor of Baghdad, said the fire Yarmouk hospital incident was a terrorist was arrested eight employees Negotiable number to increase, expressing support for the expansion of the investigation into the incident through the auspices of the House of Representatives, adding that Baghdad province has provided about 50,000 cylinder extinguish the institutions of the state, stressing that the move powers of the province was a formality, even though it carried out in accordance with the Constitution.

For his part, the President of the Council for Health and Environment Committee, integrity and financial MPs to make recommendations to the council based on the false information through the hosting as well as follow-up to the Council to investigate the fire incident Yarmouk hospital.

The Council then proceeded to vote on the draft general amnesty law and provided legal committees and human rights that will be completed voting on Tuesday of next week.

He called on Speaker of the House Legal Committee to hold a meeting tomorrow with his presence for fueling the amnesty bill.

In another matter, The Vice President of the Council to take over al-Jubouri of the Chair after the questioning session came after the court decision, noting that after not convinced the Council an answer questioning will lead to the withdrawal of confidence based on the rules of procedure.

President al-Jubouri, and pointed to the existence of a request from the high Nassif MP and signed by 63 MPs to withdraw confidence from the defense minister, referring to next week to determine the date for the hearing to withdraw confidence.

Then the Council discussed the Shiite and Sunni Endowments exams based on a request from the Attorney Haider Alfoada who called for the recognition of examinations Aloagafin after it has all the examinations procedures and of them are currently studying at universities, demanding to cancel the examinations to be carried out in 28 of the next month until they find solutions to the problem.

This was followed by MP Ali Keywords statement on behalf of the Committee of Religious Endowments and Affairs parliamentary pointed it to hold meetings with the concerned authorities a series to discuss the private external students of Awqaf exams explaining to reach for the formation of a sub-committee shall submit its recommendations to the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives to address the students' status, calling for the postponement of external examinations for Oagafin until they find acceptable solutions with work to amend the religious elementary and middle schools and junior high No. 44 in 1967 and to consider the system Aloagafin graduates from 2011 until 2014 are covered by the system's religious schools.

And then it decides to adjourn the meeting to next Tuesday 08/23/2016.

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