Hadithi verification confirms the significant progress in the course of the governmen
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Thread: Hadithi verification confirms the significant progress in the course of the governmen

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    Hadithi verification confirms the significant progress in the course of the governmen

    Hadithi verification confirms the significant progress in the course of the government and limbering processing sag in the state [Expanded]

    2016/8/15 17:57


    Said the official spokesman for Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi, the press office: "The government has made significant progress in the course of the government and limbering processing slack in state institutions."

    A newborn in a statement issued by the Information Office of the Prime Minister received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Monday that "the government's reform program, which was adopted by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi came to express strong belief of the importance of reform of the financial and administrative system of the state and to establish solid foundations for building state institutions to meet the interim challenges and achieve long aspirations term in establishing rules for the construction of a civil state embodies the hopes of the Iraqi people and elevate Iraq to a better reality, "noting that" the reform concept means the gradual change of the status and correct mistakes and overcome the negatives according to an integrated path depends stages relay pursue steps that the government Maammelt on implemented since the announcement of the start of the government's reform program, many of the terms of this program, which was a requirement constitutes a mass ahead of announcing achieved. "

    He drew a spokesman that "there have been explicit demands for a reduction in disparities in salaries between employees and senior officials and those with higher grades and re-distribution of income among Iraqis so as to ensure a degree higher than justice, and this is what has been achieved through the development of a new salary scale and reduce the fiscal privileges with respect to salaries, allowances and benefits other material which was obtained by those with special ranks as the setting protections, wheels, advisers and subjected to conditions of service stipulated in the unified pension law which applies to employees regarding the number of years of service and retirement age, it has been rationing of public resources of the state depending on the exigencies of national interest and taking into account the current circumstances and in order to achieve rearrange system priorities in state spending and redefines precedence in the framework of government spending, according to the basic needs. "

    He pointed out that he "has direct government austerity plan aimed at reaching the optimal use of financial resources and using them as the most appropriate and in accordance with the methodology sound and rationalizing public spending policy and the preservation of public money and prevent leakage of financial resources to corruption outputs that increase the financial burden on the government and increase the deficit general budget and cause direct harm to the citizen as well as being significantly affect the investment opportunities and the government has been able thanks to the reformist policies pursued and adopted in the government's reform program to pass a lot of difficulties and succeed in confronting many of the challenges posed by the financial crisis caused by the dramatic decline in resources general of the State ".

    He said the "government has secured the necessary financial requirements to sustain the momentum of the battles in the war against terrorism and the provision of military support necessary logistical and Iraqi forces, which was reflected by the victories supervising and cascading achieved by our valiant, as well as securing government financial cover required to provide salaries for about seven million people and an average of more than four trillion per month, the government succeeded in securing an ongoing basis, thanks to the policies of reform called for by al-Abadi government adopted we were able to spare the Iraqi citizen direct effects of the financial crisis, and that could have been it not for government reform policies that have a significant negative impact on the lives of citizens and the requirements of daily living and this is what the government managed to avoid it and spare the citizen serious consequences. "

    He said Sabri said "significant progress was made in the course of government limbering and treatment of slack in state institutions and the restructuring of ministerial cabin by reducing the number of ministerial portfolios cancel or merger of the ministries which contributed to reduce public spending and to provide resources to the state treasury and raise the level of government performance and provide better citizen service, work is under way now for the dissemination of this measure to include a number of agencies and departments converged in the terms of reference and the overlapping of functions and duties. "

    He continued by saying that "the first Prime Minister of the Iraqi government a keen interest in the fight against corruption and shut down its ports since the formation of the government aware of the seriousness of the corruption that has turned into a phenomenon threatening entity entirely state as do terrorism and were given priority in the government program to tackle corruption and to develop an integrated strategy to reduce its destructive effects on the structure of the state In general, the Iraqi economy and Maimthelh negative impact on the lives of citizens and the services provided to him and produced from disabling both investment and service projects and leads him by the depletion of the resources of the state, "he underlined hard the government's determination to fight corruption and reduce the negative impact on the economic system of the state results, it has won file the fight against corruption to the attention of Dr. Haider al-Abadi in the reforms adopted by the devoted centerpiece of which to tackle corruption to stop Tname and limit its expansion, which was taking place rapidly before the formation of the government package.

    And Aderf saying that "the government's comprehensive anti-corruption strategy adopted starting from the activation of the role of the regulatory institutions and overcome the obstacles they face, and to support the judiciary and the emphasis on the executive's commitment to support those investigative and judicial concerned to open the files of corruption and expose the corrupt and subjection to the rule of law has been to this strategy an effective influence in reducing the spread of the phenomenon of corruption and the closure of many outlets and weaken the ability of the corrupt to manipulate the destiny of the state and enrichment at the expense of public money and there are clear indications and certain lower graph ratios corruption in state institutions installed in the stats and accurate data issued by the regulatory body integrity, BSA has been shown after politics governmental organizations in the fight against corruption by the military and security institutions, which had suffered a breakdown and clear when the formation of the government because of corruption levels prevailing where they managed efforts led by Dr. Haider al-Abadi and the government to close many of the doors of corruption and rehabilitating these institutions a way that make them check back victories against terrorism , tangible evidence of the extent of the efficacy of the government's efforts to fight corruption.

    He explained that "the Iraq war against corruption is a fateful war, how the massive corruption that has accumulated for many years, and piled the forces of corruption and gangs to nip any attempt to fight corruption and to address the mischief and the opening of major corruption files, makes this war a long war and need our constant efforts and Almtaulh make urged paced continuously call for support political, social, media, civic events and requires patience to be won. "

    He said he had "a complement to the efforts of the Iraqi government in this regard and a confirmation of its intention to achieve victory in the war on corruption and to prove its will to address the phenomenon of corruption and Thhida for all the necessary capabilities and capacities available, the last agreement signed with UNDP United Nations to strengthen the capacity of Iraqi institutions concerned to tackle corruption and speed up came government efforts to prevent gangs of corruption to continue stealing food Iraqis and this agreement is a clear indication of the Iraqi people a message, "adding that" the government continues to apply the anti-corruption program and it is sparing no effort to save Iraq from the scourge of corruption, and a message to the gangs of corruption and the government was mocking both Iraqi and international energies for the enforcement of its program for the eradication of corruption. this agreement came as a culmination to the demands presented by Haider Abadi, secretary general of the United Nations and a number of financial organizations and the relevant anti-corruption file was put forward in a number of meetings with international officials and discussed in detail with experts and specialists. "

    He praised the newborn, issuing anti-terror apparatus Act, which comes in appreciation for the sacrifices made by Mnzboh and pride super courage they express in the battles for liberation, where they became the front line of our combat forces to liberate cities and played a key role in all the battles fought by the armed forces against terrorism and in honor of the heroic role and outstanding foot unrivaled for the Champions anti-terrorism device side of their brethren in the rest of the formations of our valiant comes legislation to combat terrorism, a bill to put a legal framework for the operation of the device and its powers and organize its work mechanisms and guarantees the rights of physical and legal fighters and defines their duties and their association with General Commander of the armed forces and work under his command, he underlined that " the law comes in the latter part of the completion of the legislative system of the various state institutions and lay the legal basis for the work of the Iraqi security forces. "

    ** Kind of reads like the "State of the Union for Iraq" **

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