Documentation. Arrest warrants issued against the son of Al-Obeidi and two officers in the Defense Department.

2016-08-15 at 14:36

Baghdad scales news

Got news on scales/documents for repelling the arrest warrants of the Defense Minister's son Khaled Obeidi, two senior officers in the Ministry.

And documents, "the SJC issued warrants and investigate the Defense Minister's son Khalid Al-Obeidi and Fener General muhannad Jawad tut and Brigadier Mohammed Al Saadi".

The documents stated that "the judiciary issued orders in the presence of the accused immediately in accordance with the complaint against them in the Office of coroner in charge of national intelligence issues."

The arrest warrants came on the backdrop of accusations between Defense Minister Khalid Al-Obaidi and Parliament Speaker Salim Al-Juburi and other corruption issues.

The speaker was Selim Jabouri, threatened to sue Defense Secretary Khaled Obeidi on background of photography published by Obeidi's apparent involvement around Jabouri