The end of the Peshmerga attack against Daash recover 12 villages

2016/8/15 13:11

[Where - Baghdad]

It said Monday, on the wide-scale military operation launched by the Peshmerga forces on Sunday ended, the recovery of 12 villages and the arrival of the Peshmerga to Alkwyr Bridge.

Peshmerga forces managed yesterday to restore the nine villages are "Obzach and Kerkhh, Tel Hamid, and fraternity, small Kinsa, and has been music, and Facet, donkeys and Amiriyah" as able today to recover three villages are "Alhasodah small and Knhishh large Knhishh", from the control of terrorist Daash gangs .

According to Kurdish sources as the restoration of these villages and to achieve the goals of the whole process, according to the plan developed and carried out under the supervision of the President of Kurdistan commander of the armed forces in the region, Massoud Barzani, it was the dimensions of risk for the entire Daash Alkwyr and other areas in the Kurdistan region.

He noted that killed 15 Daashaa in the villages of large and small Knhish, as well as the killing of 150 others during a military operation that took place on Sunday and Monday.