Welcome the establishment of a parliamentary calls courts to hold accountable corrupt

8/15/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD Shaima Rashid

Among parliamentary welcomed calls the establishment of courts dealing with corruption, especially after the lesion burdened shoulders of the Iraqi state institutions.

Commenting on these calls, confirmed by a member of parliament from the bloc of Hassan Khalati that «competence in the judiciary is required, especially after the incursion of corruption in all aspects of the state», said Khalati told the «morning»: The «some issues if taken a wide range and _khasusia (in terms of the subject) need special courts, including corruption and its spread in the joints of the state and abundance, as most of the issues currently taking place in the courts not competent what leads to the complexity of most issues and lack of access to the result », he added: the« the creation of specialized courts corruption is under seasoned and experienced management people fully aware of the corruption files at hand, to hasten the resolution of the files of corruption and gives a more professional in this regard ».

Crocodiles corruption

Furthermore, said Member of Parliament Razak al-Haidari, that the establishment of special courts for corruption «excellent idea» along the lines of the administrative judiciary, Haidari said in a statement to «morning» that «set up special corruption courts, has become a need Dharoah, especially if oversaw that specialize in the same field to be the elimination of the outputs of more clarity », and the MP that what he called« crocodiles corruption adult »in Iraq, no one has access to them, unlike a lot of medium and small warheads that occurred in the grip of the law could have been sentenced and settled their cases, referring to the work of the integrity Committee and the judiciary in resolving the files of corruption, despite the difficulty of this file to interfere with the political side, confirmed al-Haidari, the fundamental role of the parliament in bridging the gaps in some of the laws that allow corrupt access, said: «there should be cooperation by the authorities concerned as the government and the concerned authorities with parliament in dam these gaps. »

Independence and impartiality

For his part, member of parliament for Reform Bloc Tawfiq al-Kaabi said the establishment of special courts for corruption excellent thing, calling to be «independent and impartial», Kaabi said in a statement to «morning»: The «For every Iraqi, whether political or an ordinary citizen , that works to fight corruption in any form, and that the formation of special courts for corruption is essential but must be neutral and far from factionalism and zero tolerance of any party whatever this party », he added, that« the House of Representatives is very keen to bridge the gaps in laws which allow corrupt access ». for his part, President of Warka bloc Joseph Saliwa said« morning »: the« not a matter of the establishment of courts and new institutions to burden the state and its budget, as far as the powerful blocs in the government to withdraw her hand from these influential institutions offering rotten to the people »he continued, that« the integrity Commission and state commissions and other track corruption files, but they are all functions and disbursement of salaries remain, and most of them have become a tool for influential elements ».

Legislation laws

The head of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council Ammar al-Hakim called for the establishment of a special court for corruption and repudiating the corrupt Whatever affiliations, saying during a speech in the office of the Baghdad elite political and competencies importance of closing the legal loopholes that performs them corrupt and the enactment of laws that limit the manipulation of public money operations, stressing the importance of transparency in the fight against corruption and not to politicize the file without confuse passive circular, stressing the importance of the complementary relationship between the legislative and executive branches, as Hakim pointed out the necessity to move away interrogations of political suspicions and pressures and in accordance with the democratic mechanisms, calling at the same time, the legislation of a new election law that combines between provincial elections and the House of Representatives in a single day pressure for expenses and avoid private and Iraq on the verge of a post «Daash» political debate with lowering the age of candidacy and reducing the number of members.