(OP-ED)Why Maliki set people against each other and fought on public opinion and religion, Mr Amar?

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Iyad speaking at cyan Dewan Baghdad yesterday, the leader of the Supreme Islamic Council Ammar Hakim on very important topics, first on the feasibility of questioning Ministers in the House of representatives, and the second about corruption in Iraq and amplify media talking about him, questioning Ministers in the House of representatives,

criticised Mr Amar current interrogation method by the Minister's accusations of corruption and causing the loss and theft of public money , Warning the House not to continue questioning of Finance Minister Zebari project without sémé by name, because if Minister Zebari questioned before Parliament and public displays of corruption most House members of official documents, and will turn into a national hero and will call him (on the tape),

the second is inflating media for corruption and excessive political class to this accusation of corruption, where Mr Hakim believes that the media has grown significantly in putting the subject of corruption and theft of public money , Where each cited Iraq's revenue during the past period and $ 725 billion dollars,

70 percent went to salaries and 17% share of Kurdistan and the Paris Club's share of debt 3% and 5% of Kuwait's share of compensation and remainder of this income is the portion of the investment, and hospitals and schools have been built, more than all the hospitals and schools built during the past 80 years, and that did not require cancelling the political class internal and external public opinion.

If so, janab Ammar and that over ninety percent of the imports go to salaries and Kurdistan, the Paris Club and Kuwait compensation, why Maliki fought and decide upon public opinion and religion references him, accusing him of spreading corruption and cover up the corrupt?

And maybe tell me fear God, cyan and when you hear me say that? They tell you while addressing the President of your block Baqir solagh and accused Maliki of promoting corruption and cover up the corrupt without objection to the charge, the charge calculated on you and the Supreme Council,

and while the bodyguards say yes I have conspired to Maliki, without that object to it also that counts on you and the Supreme Council, and know very well that our welfare budget after approval from the Ministry of Finance House sent to all ministries and provinces non-performing province ,

Wesolagh as Finance Minister knows well that no income for Prime Ministers, mayors, corrupt sin who stole public money, and left the House of representatives and regulatory bodies answerable to the law and the Constitution, censorship of public money, and hang out all corruption in the State and their ministries in Maliki box falsely guilty,

knowing that all Governors in provinces of the South and middle Euphrates were of Supreme Council before local elections 2009 , However, your talk of exaggeration and magnified corruption devoid of objectivity, the operational budget, Mr Ammar is not just wages, and corruption in the operational budget is approaching a third of the country's revenues and 50 percent of this budget,

if we are to talk about the corruption of the Central Bank and the corruption of State property looted, you'll discover that everything we said about this corruption does not equal 10% of the real corruption in State institutions and ministries

Yesterday, the Supreme Council's position was not questioning Defense Secretary arguing that the Iraqi military in a war with terror and we are on the cusp of release the connector, and such questioning would affect the morale of the fighters, but what about the Finance Minister and why refuse questioning and warning others against this questioning?

So if this questioning, Mr Amar will take the corrupt, screw them all to go to hell. Writer/heavenly hands

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