Human rights committees and urges jaburi accountability and justice to expedite the completion of important laws
{Baghdad: Euphrates news} hold speaker Selim Jabouri, Sunday, separate meetings with human rights commissions and accountability and justice the representative, urging him to "speed up the completion of important laws.

Information Office statement said Jabouri, received {Euphrates news} copy of it today, "during the meetings to discuss the commissions and important laws for speeding up the vote during the current legislative term.

Jabouri emphasized during his meeting with the Commission on human rights on the "need to make every effort to complete the draft laws to ensure public interest", stressing that "phase requires all concessions to be passed in order to ensure human rights for all components that will contribute to the stability of the country."

The statement said Al-jibouri also discussed with parliamentary accountability and Justice Committee, put the final touches on important bills to be presented during Parliament sessions, "stressing" the need to overcome all obstacles to adoption laws which will activate the national reconciliation in the country, "file.

The price of commissions, and what role Al-jibouri rapid positive results on the level of achievement during the past two years of age of the Parliament.