The Government acted 400 million to restore services to spend hit streets

Sun, 14 Aug 2016 13:31:16

The President announced hīt in Anbar province on Sunday, Mohammed Al-HiTi, the Board allocated $ 400 million for rehabilitation services in het terrorist operations for ISIS West gray.

Mohammed Al-HiTi told reporters that "the local Government has allocated 400 million Iraq dinars to the hīt services and projects to rehabilitate the destroyed terrorist operations with the reconstruction projects of water and electricity networks.

Adding that "these payments and other amounts to be allocated to the hīt during the coming days to ensure that important services needed by the citizen and especially roads, bridges and school buildings, drinking water purification plants.

HiTi drew that "most areas hit by devastating criminal ISIS never leaves the street or bridge and only school and detonated in a clear terrorist Planner for destruction of infrastructure" were released by kidnappers will rebuild the City despite the lack of financial support and possibilities ".