Investment opportunities Karbala model
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    Investment opportunities Karbala model

    Investment opportunities Karbala model


    Economy News/follow.

    Writer: Yasser Metwally

    Indicators suggest that there are opportunities to stimulate investment, despite the country's conditions, and late despite its requirements and possess natural riches of Iraq confirms his strong Centre although it is invested, then there's a law encouraging investment substantial privileges enjoyed by an attractive and allow investors to work with high flow, but where's the problem?

    In fact, most of the provinces are suffering from defective organization and this is obvious by not her statement of this law

    It also suffered from poor planning and lack of investment priorities for any random choices sometimes based on subjective benefits here is the problem.

    We're in the (morning) follow closely investment activities across Iraq and we have noted in this column to Kurdistan's experience and how significant achievements we continue to monitor initiatives weno'shrha.?

    Now Karbala has initiated an ad model investment opportunity and integrated planning organization created a new integrated city services to accommodate the development the great conservative's by local government eagerness to develop their city as befitting its history and legacy.

    In fact, the designs offered from wowed all tv screens in its aesthetic appeal and their contents and reflected the eagerness of maintaining an integrated investment opportunity we could call it a wonderful model for investment opportunities. We hope to succeed.

    Then the local government claim the success of this great opportunity through block beneficial predators and who are trying to put a spoke in the wheel of development and growth for this project form strategic ground, this project form should be an incentive for the provinces that enjoy security stability to do likewise in order to stimulate the desired economic growth factors.

    In this context we see that there are great investment opportunities in the southern provinces, especially in the tourism sector where marshes waiting designs beneficial investment opportunities beyond oil revenues and other other investment opportunities provided that economic viability is present to address the situation of the provinces economically let our motto Karbala paradigm investment opportunities.


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    Re: Investment opportunities Karbala model

    Karbala in many ways is like Basra,massive cash flow but from tourism. The new city they will and are building now 5700 acres is massive. They know Iraq / Babylon is rising and all the worlds financial giants know that also. We are so blessed to be in this investment. Nothing absolutely nothing is negative about it. I am so ready to bless others. Thank you Lord

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