DHI Announces near completion of civil airport in Nasiriyah opened on schedule

2016-08-14 12:08 p.m

Special balance news

DHI announced Sunday, near the end of the civil works of the Nasiriyah Airport opened on schedule.

He said County Council Services Committee Chairman Rahim alkhakani, the balance/news/, that is concluded all procedures for civil Nasiriyah airport project that the functional commissions all completed surveys on site ", stating that it was" coordinating with SOA services maintenance (water, sewage, electricity and municipalities Thi), to deliver services to the airport and cleaning the site of the runways.

He added, "the main entrance will be on the highway," pointing out that "executing company business travellers lounge started, completion of passenger Hall of more than 3000 square kilometres and contains my farewell reception.

And alkhakani, "the completion period for 50 days as determined by the Ministry of transportation in her book, make sure that the airport is opening his first in 26 September 2016.

The Chairman of the Committee, noted that "the next couple of days there will be a meeting with the Minister of transport agency, on completion of procedures regarding the Watchtower".