Immigration: the return of more than 52,000 displaced families to Anbar

2016/8/14 11:35

Where - Baghdad]

The Ministry of Displacement and Migration, about the return of 52 thousand and 119 families to the liberated areas in Anbar province.

According to the Director of Immigration branch in Anbar province, Mohammed Rashid, in a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "branch of the ministry announced the return of 38 thousand and 762 displaced families to spend a gray 6385 family to spend the Heat to the vine spend amounted to families belonging to 3600, as well as 1495 for the return of the family to spend a wet and the return of the family in 1592 to spend Khalidiya and Haditha to 285 returning family. "

He Rashid said "there are continuing in the return of displaced families to their original domicile liberated areas in the districts and the areas of Anbar province and the ministry will include these families the necessary assistance, including food and in-kind health and others."