Industry: the ratification of the 19 projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

2016/8/14 11:05

[Where - Baghdad]

The Ministry of Industry and Minerals for the national authority to approve projects authentication [DNA] on 19 projects of their own projects to cut greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change.

The director of the Department of Climate Change at the Ministry of Industry and Minerals Ali Ibrahim Hatem said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of that approval has through the National Authority meeting, which took place during the month of August being chaired by Adila Hammoud Minister for Health, Environment and membership of the agents concerned ministries such as the Ministry Industry and minerals Ministry Undersecretary Mohammed Hashim Abdul Majeed, where were the ratification of the 19 projects submitted by the ministry as a prelude to announce it on its official official website of the Ministry of Health and environment, which will be from which to obtain international technical support and access to carbon revenues in addition to support adaptation to climate change projects. "

He added that "these projects project forage production of high-quality solar within ten days and the project tissue buds provided by the private sector to produce 500,000 bud or shoot Nakheel excellent qualities and production project construction clips from palm heatproof submitted by the private sector and emission mitigation projects hangover a production line for generating hydrogen cell is working with water, methanol and solar projects such as solar heater and RO systems to filter water and solar energy and waste recycling project and the types of pumps. "

"It is expected that these projects are completed within a period ranging from one to three years that will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in millions of tonnes and will be able Iraq so from the sale of quantities of the cut and get the carbon returns, pointing out that the price of the global ton during the month of January 2016 was 40 euros and prices are subject to change depending on international exchange. "

The statement noted that "These measures were activated after the historic Paris agreement signed by the countries of the world and agreed to return to the level of global emissions to pre-industrial revolution."