Reconstruction undertake to provide services to areas that were included in the World Heritage list

2016/8/14 9:58

[Where - Baghdad]

The Ministry of Construction and Housing and Public municipalities confirmed that it will contribute significantly to the provision of services to the areas listed among the World Heritage list last month.

He noted art dealer to the ministry in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of "The ministry has instructed the relevant departments and municipalities need for street paving and planting the roads leading to these areas, in addition to the indispensability of the availability of the necessary funds to beautify the surrounding cities have to Thaoh suitable ground for tourists visiting these cities , he underlined that "the committees conducted a comprehensive survey of the actual need of the services required."

The UNESCO has been ratified in 17 of the last July to join the marshes and archaeological areas in Iraq to the World Heritage list.