Mr. Ammar al - Hakim: We accept the parliamentary system Baijayate and cons

Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council called for the establishment of a special court to fight corruption and prosecute corrupt style court set up to try the ousted Saddam regime, stressing the importance of acceptance of the parliamentary system Baijayate and cons
This came in the office of the Baghdad office Saturday, 13.08.2016.
Hakim stressed the importance of transparency in the fight against corruption and not to politicize the file without confuse passive circular, noting the importance of the complementary relationship between the legislative and executive power, pointing to the importance that the interrogations be far away from the political suspicions and pressures, according to the mechanics of democracy away from the yelling, stressing the importance of the legislation of the Federal Court Act and legislation a new electoral law and the collection of both practices electoral next two one-day pressure for expenses and avoid private and Iraq on the verge of a post-Daash with lowering the age of candidacy and reducing the number of members of political debate.
Hakim stressed communication with the neighboring countries and explain the reality in Iraq, stressing that the Mosul final showdown Iraq with Daash need to be examined post-Daash, stomatitis Iraq crisis management crisis at all levels, stressing the importance of acceptance of the parliamentary system Baijayate and cons, calling for a focus on achievements such conviction everyone of the importance of the political process and the Constitution as a reference governor to everyone.