Deputies: general amnesty "whitening prison" and it will lift some of the paragraphs before voting on it

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According to the reasons for the enactment of this law in order to provide an opportunity for those who cover of Iraqis to return to public life and to foster a spirit of tolerance and reform, according to this perspective and orientation to be a general amnesty law includes many numbers and situations to achieve this goal. The number of MPs comments on the law, calling the Legal Committee to adopt and processed to identify cases of kidnappings and terrorism are not covered by the law and not left open and human trafficking crimes very few in Iraq, but no need to describe them in a comprehensive exception to these crimes. A member of the security and defense committee MP Adnan al-Asadi's / balances News / he was "unreasonable gender who Erecha of one million dollars and embezzlement in the theft of state funds and impose on the embezzled or stolen from state funds to restore the money to include amnesty, and away from the civilian job if he is an employee, and the company was placed on the black list, with the deletion of the last paragraph of material financial and administrative corruption crimes because they are open and Girmohdodh and covered the first part of the paragraph. " He stressed al-Asadi "the need for the abolition of Article 8 application for a retrial and the failure to extend the governed in accordance with Article 4 terrorism, stressing that the National Alliance rejects the article are four terrorism covered by the amnesty law," adding that "the law also includes Mufti Daash, and this is a risk and a bomb-in-law ", calling for" a review of that paragraph before the vote on the law. " MP for the rule of law Khalaf Abdul Samad said L / balance News / "The general amnesty law contains loopholes," noting that "the thrust of the law meant to derail innocent people and the law, however, the name means bleaching prisons, which comes on the martyrs account, as well as the eighth paragraph of law and re-courts of prisoners is one of the problems in the law. " Le Pen labeled Abdul Samad said "the inclusion of the law to vote in yesterday's session were not the wishes of the House of Representatives because it was similar to the one basket add any with the prohibition of the Baath Party Law." She said the legal committee member of the parliamentary Ibtisam al-Hilali's / balances News / "The National Alliance requested the study added and postpone the vote on the law on the Monday session is the last date for the vote," adding that "terrorism must know, and all the work leading to the killing of a person or persons or loss of their fate or positive for permanent disability, or abuse of state funds or state institutions or security forces, except for any that is excluded from the amnesty. " She noted that "the National Alliance objection is with regard to Article VIII of the Act, which gave the right to a retrial of the defendant," indicating that "the rule of law wants to be a retrial once." MP for the Reform Front Fred Brahimi told / balances News / that "there Contrary to this law, especially with regard to Article VIII, which speaks of a retrial, then it will ask thousands of terrorists re-tried again and it will delay the topics of terrorism and have redress for unfair to the oppressed ". He said Brahimi, said that "the political blocs want to raise a section of these paragraphs because part of it is in the Criminal Court retrial laws exist previously or be applied from now on, and for Aa_khas fixed terrorism crimes." MP for the Liberal bloc Majid al-Gharawi said L / balance News / that "there are remarks by the Liberal bloc in order to include a general amnesty law which is not new," noting that the Liberal bloc demanded full amnesty for detainees from the Sadrists and others who resisted the US occupation and issued orders against them because of political pressure by the government. " He Ghraoui that "there are a lot of people who have been to extract confessions in ways that are illegal and unconstitutional and therefore demands their release, alluding to the presence of an important paragraph in the law, a retrial that there are legal provisions for the reasons unrealistic is not the cause of terrorism only, but other issues, something important that is re-sentence for those Dilmwa. " The House of Representatives decided on Saturday to postpone the vote on the amnesty law to the session on Monday as a result of the existence of extra points to the law by the National Alliance and the Liberal bloc, was brought to the parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, during yesterday's session, the distribution of the final version of the draft general amnesty law on the House of Representatives a prelude to a vote Alih.anthy From: Flaih slain