Transportation opens showroom in Karbala , Baghdad International Airport at a cost of more than 13 billion dinars

Transport Minister opened the agency, Abdul-Hussein Abtan, Salon Karbala passenger Baghdad International Airport at a cost of more than 13 billion dinars, and pointed out that the building is still incomplete final, confirmed the start of the first flight of pilgrims from which, on Saturday, while pointing to the opening of a temporary lounge Nasiriyah Airport, during the month of September.
Said Abdul Hussein Abtan, on the sidelines of the opening of the Hall of Karbala, Baghdad International Airport ceremony, attended by (long-Presse), "The Baghdad International Airport, today attended the inauguration of the first phase of lounge Karbala to transport passengers," noting that "the foundation stone of the showroom placed in 2014 at a cost of 13 billion and 400 million dinars, but the work was delayed due to the financial crisis experienced by the country. "
He Abtan, that "it is supposed to be more fully is the opening of the hall, but we too quickly process completed to be well suited for the departure of the first flight for the pilgrims on Saturday," stressing that "after the transfer of pilgrims is complete, we will use the time until they return to accomplish what
The remainder of the lounge. "
With regard to Nasiriyah Airport, Abtan said, that "the work is still underway so far to complete the communication devices and the runway and other details," he said, adding that he "will be the opening of the temporary terminal at the airport after the completion of deliverables fully in the 26 of next September," pointing out that "before that there will be a test flight."
For his part, Director of Information Airlines Inc., Salah Tayeh said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The hall will be capable at present up to 500 passengers while the larger aircraft we have, can accommodate 420 passengers," pointing out that "the coming days will witness the completion of the second phase The second floor of the hall to accommodate more than a thousand passengers. "
The Baghdad International Airport, is Iraq's largest airports, and is located west of the capital and is the headquarters and the center of Iraqi Airways operations, date back residence to 1979 and 1982, by the French and British companies, cost more than $ 900 million, and was designed for civilian use and military.