Congress accuses the Pentagon of distorting reports on the war on Daash

He accused stinging report US military officials that they painted a more optimistic picture of the efforts of the United States in the war against al Daash in Iraq and Syria.
And members of Congress prepared this report after warnings that managers of a secrete intelligence information to provide palliative picture of the risks posed by the terrorist organization Daash and they beautify US efforts on the ground.
He said Republican Rep. Mike Pompeo in a statement: "Since the mid-2014 until mid-2015, the leadership of US forces officials manipulation in the Middle East (CENTCOM) with intelligence in order to reduce the danger posed by the organization Daash in Iraq."
"The result is that those who were using the information they have always been optimistic about the successes of US operation against al-look", adding that it was could expose American soldiers at risk.
The report's authors interviewed dozens of analysts in CENTCOM. The report stated that "40 percent of the analysts have answered that they were pressured to distort or delete information in the past year."
The authors of the report to show that the Central Command published press releases and public statements in which she said that the situation "was significantly more positive" than reality.
In mid-2015, the situation has improved with the arrival of new leadership at the head of CENTCOM. Being the Inspector General for the Pentagon is currently an internal investigation in the matter and the fact that the Defense Department did not respond in detail to the accusations contained in the report. Lt. Patrick Evans, a spokesman for the US Defense Department that "the intelligence agencies regularly provide a wide range of data based on the assessments concerning the security situation." "We considered these assessments (...) vital to our efforts, especially when we take into account the complex nature to a large extent to the battles that take place on several fronts at the moment in Iraq and Syria."
"The experts sometimes disagree on the interpretation of complex data, the intelligence services and the Ministry of Defense is very open to a constructive dialogue on these vital issues of national security."
For his part, Rep. Brad and Ansturab he did not know why the feet of intelligence on the manipulation of information.