Jaafari calls for investment competencies and owners of certificates

8/14/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Al- Sabah
Urged the head of the National Alliance and Foreign Minister Ibrahim al - Jaafari to invest competencies and holders of university graduates to find solutions in all areas and the elimination of corruption, while praised the efforts of the sons of the tribes in maintaining national cohesion and contribute actively in the ranks of the popular crowd and the elimination of gangs "Daash" terrorist.

A statement to the Office of al - Jaafari, who concluded his visit to Basra , his meeting with the deans of the faculties of the University of Basra, as a search, during the meeting, " the conduct of the educational process and the problems faced by university professors, and ways of overcoming obstacles, and providing support to this important segment in building state institutions."

Listened Minister Foreign for " a number of proposals to be presented to the cabinet table and address the stakeholders, and improve the educational reality, and elevate it to the level of ambition , " pointing out that " the consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take on the responsibility of facilitating access to visas" visa "for professors and competencies who have posts and scientific seminars outside of Iraq by addressing the embassies of countries of the world, and obtaining required approvals as soon as possible; because of its significant impact in supplying modern Iraq experiences, and the development of state institutions as well as to facilitate the granting of visas , "Visa" competencies foreign expertise who Iromon participate in scientific conferences held by the Iraqi universities. "

He stressed al - Jaafari , " the importance of investment competencies, owners of university graduates to find solutions in all areas and the elimination of corruption, and all the obstacles facing the rebuilding of Iraq based on sound scientific foundations contribute to the reduction of the time of the advancement of the institutions. "

When meeting a number of the elders and notables of the province of Basra, al - Jaafari praised the "efforts of the sons of the tribes in maintaining national unity, and to contribute actively in the ranks of the popular crowd, and the elimination of gangs" Daash "terrorist , " stressing " the need for the collections of the clans into a miniature Parliament contributes to the dissemination of a culture of peace and security, cooperation and love, and the rejection of all customs and traditions that has not been the Islamic religion in any link, aimed at spreading the culture of the band, and the rupture between the people of one nation. "

On the other hand, met with al - Jaafari , a number of intellectuals and artists and poets of Basra province, and discussed during the meeting, according to the statement, to " the role of the intellectual in addressing the problems of society civilized manner and in accordance with the standard dialogue, Investment poetry, theater, acting, film arts, and other arts all , " pointing to " the importance of providing more support for our intellectuals to the success of the national mission."

He called on Jaafari to "festivals and art forums embodying challenges facing Iraq, and the facts of each society in the world , "stressing" the importance of documenting championships and victories achieved by the people of our armed forces and the heroes of the popular crowd at the fair their war against the terrorists "Daash."