Iraq surpassed the most dangerous phase of the financial crisis

8/14/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Farah pumice
At a time when the economy of the Commission confirmed Alastosmaralgnapeh and the Ministry of Planning Iraq overcome the most dangerous phase of the financial crisis experienced by the sale due to lower crude oil prices in world markets, the government announced a plan adopted all the possibilities facing economic fluctuations.

Successful measures

Financial Advisor to the Prime Minister, Dr. said the appearance of Mohammed «morning»: The »government adopted a program and a plan of action and a successful court to face all possibilities.»

Promised arrangements conducted by Iraq with the International Monetary Fund recently on lending «positive» and embody the international community's support for the country's economy. »

Iraq has faced a financial crisis since Asaralinvt decline in July 2014, which makes up most of its imports, and conducted on the impact of government's deliberate policy to reduce costs and provide the necessary resources and taking international loans to secure the war-kits to gangs «Daash» terrorist and provide salaries and other needs.

A better position

In turn, said a member of the Economic Committee Najiba Najib: that «the government has managed to overcome the stifling crisis that existed at the beginning of this year and the situation is now better than before the crisis». But he said he did not yet «Ntakt financial crisis in general Vairadatna still less than our expenses, but this will remain a significant shortfall in the budget».

She explained that «the war against« Daash «is exacerbated by the financial crisis coincide with a drop in oil prices, which we continue to rely on him in the construction of the budget», adding that «the current government has taken some steps towards building a strong economy».

She drew Najib that «the 2004 budget adopted by 95 percent or more only on oil revenues», noting that «What we're saying in the budgets for 2015 and 2016 this figure fell slightly to about 90 percent based on oil only and this shows that there is a change, but not the required level» .

She stressed that «the government is taking steps to serve economic interests of the Iraqi economy». The Planning Minister Salman Jumaili said last July: The «Iraq surpassed the most dangerous phase of the economic crisis, after passing the first half of 2016, and that the world is growing confidence of the Iraqi economy.» Jumaili expressed hope that «be the second half of 2016 the best, as it will see the end of the Iraq« Daash «and the return of displaced persons, Vdilaan a positive indication of rising oil prices.

In the global market, in addition to the results of the economic measures taken by the government and processors during the last stage ».

In the meantime, go back to the economic and investment commission member of the parliamentary Harith al-Harthy, the benefits of agricultural, industrial and commercial loans and even residential imposed on citizens as «simple». He said in a press statement: that »all industrial, agricultural, commercial and residential loans were very simple citizens on the benefits of a longer liquidity to banks.»

He added that his committee «confirmed during the last meeting with the industrial, agricultural and commercial banks managers in addition to the bank Rafidain and Rasheed, that fees are very simple to the requirements of the needs of these banks and the wages and salaries of their employees, therefore, these simple benefits do not affect the loan nor the citizens». It is said that the Cabinet approved during its meeting on the 31 of last May, to launch a Government loan to the sectors of housing, industry and agriculture form the amount of $ 6.5 trillion dinars in the framework of the axis of economic reform and diversify and move from an economy Rei into a productive economy and the transformation of the economic system of the State of the system a consumer to multi-resource production system.