Immigration Minister and UN representative in a press conference tomorrow to talk about our file accessor district

2016/8/13 22:28

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} immigration Minister Sunday morning, a joint press conference with the Special Representative of the United Nations Humanitarian Affairs to talk about flood victims file connector.

The Ministry said in a statement received Agency {news Euphrates} copy of it today, "immigration Minister Jassim Mohammed held tomorrow with Lisa as Rand Iraq Special Representative for Humanitarian Affairs of the United Nations and a number of international organizations regarding flood victims connector".

The Conference at 11:30 at the headquarters of the Ministry. "

The immigration Minister had expected to record the largest displacement connector toward Salahuddin, saying "we consider a piece of land with an area of 1, 100 acres to create camps for up to 9 thousand housing unit and allocated three billion for it to work with us in parallel for preparedness and readiness to receive displaced from Mosul and 300 million to create the conservation sought of Qadisiyah complex for 500 units.