"Details" highlights the policies included in the parliament session, held today
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Thread: "Details" highlights the policies included in the parliament session, held today

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    "Details" highlights the policies included in the parliament session, held today

    "Details" highlights the policies included in the parliament session, which was held today

    13-08-2016 04:06 PM

    Lifting of the House of Representatives, its usual day, the day after tomorrow.

    According to a statement of the Department of Media of the Parliament, the 'House of Representatives voted in its regular , headed by Salim al - President of the Council and in the presence of 200 deputies Saturday on three laws , including the fight against terrorism a law with finished reading project one law. "

    At the outset of the meeting followed the MP Khadija Valley issued a statement condemning terrorist act cowardly attack Muthanna car bomb last Thursday, noting that the target soft areas by terrorism is a reaction coward him for his inability to face the men of the armed forces and the popular crowd, ask the Interior Ministry to speed up Bottaghz conservative car explosives detection '.

    She called the MP and the Valley of the Ministry of defense to the formation of a combat brigade of the people of the province for the maintenance of internal security and the security of the borders with neighboring countries , with increased attention to the security forces and open the door to volunteer and work on each honored Razak Assaf and Walid Khaled by House of Representatives for their opposition to a car bomb in Al - Muthanna province.

    He read the House of Representatives Fatiha in memory of the souls of the martyrs of the General Iraq province of Muthanna particular, with President al - Jubouri , the face of the security and defense committee to rewrite the demands and submit the form 's decision for the purpose of voting in the Council.

    The Council voted on membership MP Jassim Mohammed Jaffer instead MP Nada Sudanese in a panel of experts choosing the UN High Commissioner for Human rights members.

    For his part , pointed out President al - Jubouri , the existence of requests from a number of representatives of the ingredients on the membership of the Committee will be presented in a session on Monday next.

    He said President of the Council that the Committee on accountability and reconciliation will be held in the presence of the Council presidency tomorrow a meeting to resolve some of the details of the accountability and justice law.

    Decided the presidency of the Council of Representatives to postpone the vote on the draft amnesty law , the public and sponsored by legal Committees and Human rights to the session next Monday as the deadline at the request of the legal Committee.

    Then the Council voted on a draft anti - terrorism device and submitted by the committees, defense and legal security law for the purpose of effectively addressing the terrorist operations that target the state and the citizens and their property , and to take all appropriate measures to eliminate terrorism through the creation of a specialized device to do the job.

    The president stressed Jubouri that the enactment of the law is an achievement the House of Representatives and in appreciation for his efforts in the face of Daash and the fight against terrorism.

    And completed the House of Representatives vote on the legal draft ratification letters and exchange of notes and minutes of discussions on the Japanese loan to the position of the Republic of Iraq, dated 25/05/2015 and submitted by the committees Foreign Affairs and Finance and economy, investment, services and reconstruction of relations and that comes to strengthen financial relations between the two countries and in appreciation of the efforts of development in Iraq.

    Jubouri and pointed to the importance of the ratification of the Japanese loans being contributed to the reform of the electricity sector and the other with draft reconstruction in the Kurdistan region.

    And on the discussion of travel of officials abroad MP Khalid al - Asadi provider student demand to postpone the discussion until the presence of Ibrahim al - Jaafari , Foreign Minister.

    President al - Jubouri and postponed discussion of the topic until make an appointment to attend the Foreign Minister to the Council.

    On the other hand the Council completed the first reading of a bill to compensate victims of justice, submitted by the committees of Human rights and legal guarantee Act to compensate people for damages suffered as a result of error or abuse in the detention or arrest or sentencing them to be incorporated to vote in principle at a subsequent meeting.

    It decided the presidency of the Council of Representatives to postpone the first reading of a bill to compensate victims of law - seekers from the popular uprising and provided legal committees and deportees and displaced persons to study camps.

    Decided presidency of the Council of Representatives to postpone the first reading of the draft powers of the President and submitted by the legal Committee pending the receipt of clarifications from the presidency Ahamhorih on hold amendments to it in the Council postponed reading the report and discuss the draft census law at the request of the Committee on the economy and investment as well as to postpone the report and discuss the draft of the Iraqi Syndicate academics and submitted by the committees of Higher Education and scientific and legal research, civil and financial community law at the request of of the relevant committees.

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