Baghdad municipality announces the end of drinking water crisis opened the Rusafa water lawmaker Kabir

2016/8/13 15:51

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Baghdad said Saturday, that discusses big would fill the needs of capital residents safe drinking water and ensure fair distribution to all areas of the capital, indicating that the output will skip the barrier {٤} million cubic meters a day.

She said in a statement received in Baghdad {Euphrates news} copy of it today to "produce pure water after opening discusses this great day would exceed the threshold of {٤} million cubic meters, enough to fill the needs of the people of Baghdad and ensure fair distribution for all metropolitan areas and eliminate permanently scarce particularly in Rusafa side areas east of the Canal.

"The project, which officially opened today will add {910} thousand cubic metres of drinking water using the best technology to filter the water of the Tigris River and its distribution across large diameters lines to the reservoirs and then to areas and neighborhoods with high pressure.

In Baghdad, had said earlier about the work discusses the great which is the largest in the Middle East, with indicated that is ready for action, she opened to eliminate water shortages in the capital.

French company oversees completion discusses the great first and second phases, with this project consists of building the main pumps are pumping water from the reservoir toward NET neighborhoods in Baghdad through {7} tubes tend to embankment and crosses {machines having} Qatar {160} mm to walhamidet walthaalbh reef tank then {R3} to luxury areas walabidi and municipalities ".

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