Asadi: supportive coverage "ISIS" amnesty is serious and calls for review

2016-08-13 at 14:11

Baghdad scales news

Between House Member Adnan al-Asadi, Saturday, that the amnesty law supporting included "ISIS" who had his hands stained with blood, stressing that it is dangerous and need to be reviewed.

Al-Asadi said, to balance news, "Amnesty Act contained serious articles, including article 8 which States (death row was entitled under article 4 terror retrial).

He added that "the national coalition refuses to be article 4 terrorism covered by the law."

And among the Asadi, that "the law also includes the Mufti of Saudi Arabia and supporting, and that this is a dangerous bomb in law," calling "review that paragraph before the vote on the law."

It is said that Parliament Speaker Salim Al-Juburi, to vote on the amnesty law to next Monday as the deadline ended