Jaafari called for investment certificate holders competencies to eliminate corruption

13 Aug 2016 01:50:40

Baghdad _ news of the day

President Ibrahim Jaafari concluded the Iraqi national coalition and Foreign Minister visit to Basra, meeting with University Deans in the University Council.

According to a statement to the media library, today's news agency received a copy of it that he "discussed the educational process, and problems faced by university professors, and ways to overcome obstacles, and support for this important segment in building State institutions."

Comment by heard the statement "a number of proposals to the Cabinet table, and address stakeholders, improve the educational reality of Association to the level of ambition, Foreign Ministry Consular Department take responsibility for facilitating access to Visa Visa for professors, scientific reviews who have competencies and seminars outside Iraq through addressing the world's embassies, and obtaining the required approvals as quickly; because of its significant impact in supporting Iraq by modern tests, development of State institutions in addition to facilitating visas Entry "visa" competencies, foreign experience who wish to participate in scientific conferences that Iraqi universities values, noting the importance of capacity investment, and holders of higher education diplomas for solutions in all areas, and eliminate corruption, and all the obstacles facing Iraq building depending on sound scientific grounds t contributed to the shortened promotion institutions ".

He added that "a number of Jafari elders and notables Basra oil cultural center, stressed during his speech on the efforts of Nations in keeping national cohesion, and actively among the popular crowd, eliminating gangs, terrorist Islamic State need to become subcontractors to Parliament to clans listening t contributes to a culture of peace, security, cooperation and love, rejected all traditions and customs that have no connection to the Islamic religion, culture and RIP between countrymen.

Jaafari met by a number of intellectuals, artists, and poets Basra, addressed the role of the intellectual in addressing the problems of civilized society and in accordance with standard dialogue, investment art, poetry and theater, acting, film, and other arts, the importance of providing more support, and support for their mission to succeed intellectuals. "

Jaafari called it said to festivals, and artistic forums which body of the challenges facing Iraq, conveyed to all societies of the world, pointing to the importance of close tournaments, victories achieved by the sons of our armed forces, the heroes crowd in their war against the Islamic State terrorists "fair.

Jaafari had paid a visit to Basra and State Department Office was opened in the province to facilitate citizens ' transactions.