Parliamentary Security: Aldoaash reject the inclusion in the amnesty law and promise for the crowd

2016/8/13 14:01

Oan- Baghdad]

Commission dismissed the parliamentary security and defense, that includes the draft general amnesty law in its final form terrorists belong to gangs Daash.

The head of the Committee of quitting at a press conference at the parliament building with a number of members of the Committee, attended by the correspondent of the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "We are with the vote on the general amnesty" and expressed "regret for the presence of 30 detainees [had] Ctal Alamlaaki in Iraq after 2003, "he said." they deserve to get them out within the amnesty because they were defending Iraq. "

According to him.

"We are against Aldoaash take out of prison."

He pointed to "the adoption of the House of Representatives today to draft anti-terrorism law," stressing "the need to apply special security laws and, unfortunately, some of which is prescribed but we do not see applied to it by the government."

The chairman of the Committee on Defense and Security for the parliamentary "near the submission of his committee a bill to preserve the rights rally popular fighters will soon be completed and voted on."
He also stressed "near naming a new head of security and defense committee."

And published [where] on the final version of the draft general amnesty, which was distributed to members of the House of Representatives, in preparation for a vote in the parliament session next Monday as the deadline after a delay that day law.