Rafidain Bank gives 40 million loans in support of the victims of the Karrada bombing

13/08/2016 13:29

Rafidain Bank, announced Saturday, granting loans to the victims of the terrorist bombing of dealers and Karrada and ensure Baghdad Chamber of Commerce.

The Bank said in a statement it had received a copy of "news today" select loan amount 40 million dinars and an interest rate of 5% support for merchants Karrada bombing victims, "adding that" the Bank will accept minor deposits of Karrada and distinct benefit victims. "

The car was coming from the Diyala suicide belongs to ISIS gangs exploded near a shopping complex terrorist Karada in central Baghdad last July resulted in the martyrdom of 324 people and injuring more than 200 others, as well as material damage.

The victims were mostly young people in the deadliest explosion witnessed by Iraq after 2003.