State set a date next Monday for a meeting of the Iraqi - Kuwaiti Supreme

19/04/2012 PM - 3:25 PM | Hits: 2


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Monday date for a meeting of the Iraqi - Kuwaiti Joint Supreme, which was scheduled for last week.

A senior source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (for the Agency news) on Thursday: that the ministry and in agreement with the Kuwaiti side select on Monday the 23/4, a date for a meeting of the Iraqi - Kuwaiti Joint Higher, where will the members of the Kuwaiti Committee on Monday morning to start meetings before noon the same day.

The source added: that the meeting will discuss all the issues that were agreed upon during the visit of Prime Minister of Kuwait last month, will review the terms of the Kuwaiti side of the main file, the file port Mubarak.

The source said he agreed, according to the Kuwaiti side will provide a picture of what came to him in the construction phase, in addition to studies of drilling port of Mubarak Al-Kabeer