The arrest of suspects of crimes of "terrorism" and a criminal

It announced the police directorate in Basra on Saturday, the implementation of the raid and search operations in different parts of the province led to the elimination of the arrest of three terror suspects and a number of those accused of criminal offenses , including murder, rape and robbery.
According to the directorate said in a statement, " The strength of the police arrested in the district of Qurna on three wanted men in accordance with Article IV of the Anti - Terrorism Act, and seized possession of two rifles of the type (AK), and two rifles of the type (M60)", indicating that "other power dropped arrested in the area on the vine murder suspect. "
She drew Directorate within its statement that "police forces arrested in the district of Zubair accused of theft, and at the same judiciary was captured a defendant attempted to rape his sister, in addition to an accused drug use , " adding that "another accused of rape has been arrested in the area of the incident within the center of the province, it has also been arrested accused of forgery and use of false documents in hand based Imam ( the gap), in addition to the two accused of fraud and embezzlement, where he was arrested on the first publican in the area, and the second in Albrehh zone. "