Immigration Launches million grant to more than 22,000 displaced families
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Ministry of Displacement and Migration announced Thursday the launch of a million dinars a grant for more than 22 thousand families, which began today distributed through the smart card distributed offices across the country.
The spokesman said the ministry Sattar Nowruz said in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today that " the ministry embarked on the launch of the meal 13 to grant one million of displaced people across the country and by {22787} family , which began distributing the day across the country."
Among Nowruz " The ministry working to initiate distribution of the meal 3 to grant {250} thousand dinars to include {103,400} displaced families, which will be spent in the coming days after the securing of funds by the Ministry of Finance. "
He stressed that" the ministry is continuing to provide necessary for all the displaced families services despite the lack of financial allocations to the ministry and the crisis economic experienced by the country , ".anthy