Diwaniyah confirm the continuation of the Land Bank lending to citizens and warns of "Predators of crises"

08/13/2016 (00:01 pm)

Diwaniya / improve Zergany

Declared the province of Diwaniyah Management, on Friday, continuing the Land Bank in the province receipt of borrowing from the requests of citizens, and while confirming that the provision of Diwaniya credit limit exceeds 46 billion dinars, citizens warned of "Predators of crises."

The governor of Diwaniya , Sami al- Hasnawi, in interview (long - Presse) that " the land Bank in the province continue receiving special borrowing transactions the owners of land and residential buildings that fall within the classification of repair or start construction , " noting that "your credit limit to maintain a 46 billion and 282 million dinars."

He added Hasnawi, " the Land Bank private lending mechanism gives priority to transactions that have been completed and hold new receipt situation , " adding that " the value of the loan for each transaction completed amounting to fifty million dinars."

He warned the conservative citizens from "falling into the trap trap of fraud and extortion sought by hunters crisis, the manipulators and fraudsters who seek to gain illegally. "

for his part , denied financial aide to the governor of Diwaniya , Mohammed al - Jubouri in an interview (long - Presse)" rumors promoted by some on the Land Bank maintaining stopped receiving transactions of the citizens , "stressing that "Angels bank operates a growing and sustained pace to collect the largest number of transactions, to be audited and detection for residential units before the disbursement of the loan amount in order to avoid fraud."

He attributed the al - Jubouri , the reasons for the delay of some transactions, "there was fraud in the residential land bonds or non - eligibility of some applicants to take advantage of loans for not completing planned or attempted manipulation of the controls bank conditions. "

the source of early detection, Thursday, (11 August 2016) for the resumption of the land Bank grants loans to citizens soon, while between the Bank has set new conditions include the presence of a sponsor and a piece of land for the granting of the loan, confirmed that he reduced the loan amount to 40 million dinars.

the real Estate Bank announced (July 19, 2016) controls adopted for lending to citizens of 50 million dinars, while the interest on the loan is three percent, the duration of up to ten years without a sponsor and leave the construction, assured convert any employees paid bribes of citizens to justice and the cancellation of the entire treatment of the loan.