Dawa bloc: Abadi nominated three names from Basra to the ministries of oil, transport and industry

2016/8/12 21:33

[Oan- Baghdad]

Prime call bloc Khalaf Abdul Samad, on the nomination of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to three names of Basra province to fill the ministries of oil, transport, industry and metal detectors.

Said Abdul Samad in a press statement, that "the Prime Minister nominated Navy Capt, Kazem cup to fill the Department of Transportation, and was nominated oil expert Jabbar Luaibi to take over the Ministry of Oil, and was nominated Dean of the Faculty of Administration and Economy Youssef al-Asadi of the Ministry of Industry," pointing out that "these names will be submitted within the amendment the new ministries in the next parliament session to vote. "

He added, "The candidates for these ministries will be presented by the Prime Minister to the Presidency of the parliament for the purpose of voting on them by the House of Representatives in the coming sessions."

Abdul Samad and take the former chairman of the province of Basra this nomination as "fairness to the people of Basra, which is supposed to be granted to the province since that time."

"The new amendment will include the names of candidates for the seven ministries, including the well, and the Ministry of Water Resources to Hassan al-Janabi, and Higher Education and Scientific Research to Issa Abdul Razzaq, and the Ministry of Commerce to Omid, and the municipalities of the candidate that".

He called Abdul Samad political blocs not to adopt the nomination of any candidate for any ministry to be modified within the new composition of the government, as long as the people want far from quotas partisan independent figures. "